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An excerpt from tonight’s stopsmartmeters.bc : "Meter companies are looking at [...]

Port Alberni, British Columbia
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An excerpt from tonight’s stopsmartmeters.bc :

"Meter companies are looking at the possibility of using ‘surplus’ smeter time to create a huge computer. We pay for the infrastructure, suffer the consequences of these irradiating fire hazards, and companies could make a mint out of using our homes to house computers for commercial use.

“On the second front, Hive is starting to test it out on communications cards from smart-meter vendor Itron. “They’ve already provided us with some of their hardware, so we can start porting our solution from the lab onto real meters,” said Orrantia.

Itron has been working with partner Cisco to embed Linux-programmable intelligence into its latest generation of smart meters, which works well for Hive, since it has designed its software to run on a Linux kernel….

Like most utilities, we’re very interested in things that look to expand or extend our investment, and make the business case look better,” said Smith….

But as Smith has pointed out in the past, the latent capacity of the world’s smart meter network approaches that of the world’s better-known supercomputers. For example, 3,000 smart meters have nearly the same amount of processing power and memory capability as Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer that beat Garry Kasparov in a game of virtual chess in 1997, and 150,000 meters add up to about half the computing power of IBM’s Watson supercomputer, he said.

With millions of smart meters able to do work, “This would be like flooding the market with supercomputing capacity, if it’s real,” he said. “This would make the price of what Amazon and Google are doing plunge.”… "

Linux could be running a supercomputer!!!!
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