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Hi, I'm Adrienne - I've created some fun public talks [...]

San Diego, California
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Hi, I'm Adrienne - I've created some fun public talks and discussions about our quantum ability to Shift the shared Earth experience, and the jarring paranormal childhood experiences that inspired and led me here, 40 years later. You can learn more about these ideas on my Youtube channel: Team GAIA! Namaste, and hope to chat with you soon.
bookmarked, thank you
Monday 4 January 2016, 17:38:27
Sounds interesting
Monday 4 January 2016, 23:25:32
Barbara H
It's nice to know someone else grew up with paranormal activities!
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 05:16:36
Many have but are taught not to talk about it .
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 07:38:37
Yes I'm hoping to help people reclaim more of themselves by allowing that discussion in a friendly way
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 16:43:08
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