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Greetings et alia to those who are closely following the [...]

Horley, Surrey
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Greetings et alia to those who are closely following the farcical campaigning going on for this year's USA Presidential Elections.

First watch this......…

What a surprise!

Then watch this, an hour and a half documentary which bares all the trademarks of the power and corruption of those we elect into government to serve us. Those of you living in Scotland, please take particular note.…

Peace, health and prosperity to all for this New Year and beyond.
I'm a Scot and have no love for Trump but I know Scotland has no money having been and still being the property of the Crown and a handful of aristocratic families who don't like 'new money' or hard cash investors encroaching on their hunting, shooting and fishing, feudal playground. Trump highlights a power struggle in Scotland between old and new psychopaths, neither of whom give a rat's arse for the indigenous people - who are the losers either way. Sad isn't it.
Monday 4 January 2016, 22:16:54
Martyn S
Thanks for your comments bluetrip. I take it that Alex Salmond (SNP) is one of the psychopath's you are referring to as he was instrumental to Trump eventually succeeding in developing his dream golf course in Aberdeen. Can I ask, did you watch the documentary linked above?
Monday 4 January 2016, 23:14:46
Yeah I did Martyn, think I saw it a few years back too, on TV. Interesting but documentary makers have a knack of portraying us Jocks in a certain pathetic/sympathetic light which gets on my nerves. But, c'est la vie! Such is 'telly'. And what can you say about Salmond, the bloated man-toddler - a badly crafted puppet indeed!
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 01:02:42
what you see on what you see anywhere is our mirroring of exactly what we all are. so its not about polititians.......THEY WILL NOT BE THER IF POPLE UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE ULTIMATE POWER THAT CANT WANISH EVER AND THAT YOU CAN CREATE WITH THAT POWER ANYTHING YOU LIKE. that is way we searc for power in someone else. but ther we will not find it. newer folks
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 08:00:50
Appreciate what you're saying Janta, but personally I'm not interested in 'power', descriptions of 'power', embodiments of 'power' or theoretical/metaphysical ideas of 'power'. It is a repugnant thing to me - real or imagined - so not something I would ever seek out. I also think that creativity and power are two very separate things and am worried by the increasing trend to use both in conjunction - muddies the water and there is no clarity with mud.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 18:16:41
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