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I've been obsessed with the concept of "waking up" and [...]

Chillicothe, Ohio
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I've been obsessed with the concept of "waking up" and taking responsibility for my condition as well as that of my community, town, state, and country. We live in a world of deception and deceit where the truth is being lost because it's not convenient An educated populous doesn't suit the needs of our government and the corporations that are in control..
Wise words my friend. The first step to finding a remedy to a problem is acknowledging that their actually is a problem in the first place, which it looks like you have already done. It's becoming outright ridiculous here in Australia too, but our public drinking water is so heavily fluoridated that people find it very difficult to see how ridiculous it all is. Sometimes, on the rare occasions that I watch the news, I literally choke on my pop-corn when I here the babble and gibberish that spews from politician's mouths. I think to myself "do people actually believe any of what that guy just said?", but it seems that they do. Because there is so much rubbish being spun over here at the moment to excuse many mishappenings of bad conduct, outright corporate crime, and immoral unethical treatment of societies most vulnerable.
Thursday 2 July 2015, 21:28:29
Yes, well said. We are being 'Killed by Convenience' (amongst other things!) Is it not true that much can be seen as a form of self- sabotage so therefore a part of the 'Awakening' can be directed to self-reflection and self-healing. Getting us to kill ourselves, and even get us to enjoy doing it adds a nice sadistic twist to the cull. Then again, self-healing is one of the most empowering things we can do, so yet again, there is that double-edged sword to consider while on the search for Truth.
Thursday 2 July 2015, 21:29:55
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