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Just thought I would share this with you, in case [...]

Crewe, Cheshire East
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Just thought I would share this with you, in case you haven't discovered it already!

Pure organic coconut oil is amazing stuff! coconut is know as the tree of life, and it's oil has thousands of uses, from treatment to preventative or restorative. Mrs Slippery and I are using it to brush our teeth (super white after just a couple of times, and stays fresh and clean all day), in our coffee in the morning ( gives a massive energy burst that lasts all day), and as a acne treatment (our daughter), moisturiser/ after sun, heamoriod treatment and have treated a nasty dog bite to the face to leave NO scarring after a year!

You have to get the proper stuff, (extra virgin organic) and it's around £18 for a large jar, but you will never stop using it once you start, it's amazing!
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Hi slip where do you get yours from? I've been using hemp oil for over a year, or cooking etc , would be interested in having a go at this x
Sunday 10 January 2016, 10:00:08
Hi gaynor, Holland and Barret, Nantwich, Mrs says it must be cold pressed extra vigin organic raw, we chose "tiana" brand
Sunday 10 January 2016, 11:25:56
Holland and Barret Gaynor,if you have one near you.....great for frying with,oil pulling....good brain food.....I just hope there`s enough coconuts to go around :)
Sunday 10 January 2016, 11:26:55
Thanks guzz x
Sunday 10 January 2016, 12:34:04
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