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Well I`m gutted this morning :( [...]

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Well I`m gutted this morning…
wonder if he is dancing in the streets!
Monday 11 January 2016, 08:45:28
probably having a drink with Lemmy Bazzz
Monday 11 January 2016, 08:47:16
and many more all getting "Cozy" eh
Monday 11 January 2016, 08:49:27
Well if you listen to John Todd :… He says you can't make it to the top unless you're in on it... What sort or rituals/orgies or whatever did Bowie do? Think he killed a baby or banged a goat somewhere some how? It all weirds me out. Not trying to be a downer here but if John is right... then good riddance to mister Bowie.
Monday 11 January 2016, 16:56:08
Ps: This video... "Black Star"............. I'm watching it now... I don't see Art. Again. I'm sorry but... Yeah.... Ugh...
Monday 11 January 2016, 17:02:18
You may well be right is a wierd song/vid even by Bowie`s it goes he was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago so he knew this was his last album more than likely and wrote his own epitaph......maybe with a lil `fessing thrown in.Who knows?
Monday 11 January 2016, 18:20:17
What a massive loss for music, art, lyricism, imaination and style. Thanks for posting - life long Bowie fan. An absolute one off and truly magical human being. x
Monday 11 January 2016, 18:49:48
Monday 11 January 2016, 18:50:42
Its soaked in esoterica , from 3 straw men , black star ( also known as black hole sun ) , people vibrating with an energy going to have my work cut out understanding this .All said and done a great swan song and a goodbye
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:03:11
Soaked in esoteric meaning...…
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:36:52
That is what i was hinting at lol , center of our galaxy ...
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:38:26
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:40:15
This is his legit site, not the one stolen from him :… I would imagine everyone on this site would be familiar with Jordan, but if not... Like I said before I don'
t want to be a downer but this is Really important to wrap our heads around. They backmask, and use frequencies that go against us as well as just the lyrics and visuals. Like cymatics and we are mostly water :…
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:46:59
Thats your back sun radiating an energy wave , dont panic though the chemtrails help reduce the effects on dna .
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:49:07
Yes as Tesla said to understand the universe you need to understand vibration
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:51:27
Long live Tesla! Yo... If you haven't, check this shit out. Freeeman kills it.…
Monday 11 January 2016, 19:54:20
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 15:00:04
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