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"US police are using Facebook to calculate your threat level [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
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"US police are using Facebook to calculate your threat level score"…
What fun! What's the score to beat?
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 00:40:59
If you don't use Facecrack you're a 10
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 00:42:46
Cool! 10 for not being stupid, any extra for thinking craaaazy stuff?
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 00:48:50
Mark R
As usual, the government has those strange sunglasses on. They need the mirrored ones that reflect back on them the wars and crimes they have committed against humanity. But, they continue to look elsewhere... Outside themselves. I laugh.
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 00:51:27
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 00:58:29
It's very very simple task to code programs to analyse large groups of individuals and place each of them in a "category". That's what Lotus 123 was capable of doing over 30 years ago. You can expect a personal visit when TSHTF around 3 or 4 am if you have any talent at all. The Mark of Suckerburg isn't easily identified for what it is by the masses.
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 01:05:19
Worm of Suckerburg
has a David Rockefeller hook in it..
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 01:16:33
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