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"The songs tell us that inside of each of us is a miracle, a miracle meant for one person and one person alone. And when you're close, the universe reaches down and helps us fulfill our destiny. 'And the Universe helps us? How exactly ?' The Universe sends us Spirit Guides. Sometimes they speak to us through small children, they often...." Naoko, have you found your answer to your dilemma about suffering homeless people in this song you posted with these lyrics? Magenta Pixie says it well, too. We are practicing hearing our Spirit. Sometimes It speaks to us through guides, sometimes I hear a voice in my head with a certain kind of good clear energy-- and I try to practice doing what that voice says, even in the littlest things, like which tomato to pick at the grocery store! Sometimes when I think of doing something, I get a relaxing feeling in my body. I am practicing recognizing that this is my Spirit is telling me that this good-feeling thing is something that is good for me,or it gives me courage to believe that whatever it is that I am believing or imagining is truly in the flow and that I can manifest it no matter how it looks on the outside. In this way I am building my spiritual muscle. This is now a major part of my spiritual practice. So, for example, each time you see a homeless person you could feel inside yourself for what to do in each case. How does it feel? If it feels like Spirit then you could do that, or not. I screw up all the time! But by practicing and seeing the outcome of what I choose to do, I am learning to discern what is Spirit. I forget how MP differentiates the energies, something like "Spirit first" vs. "Self first." Learning to discern the difference within ourselves is great! And the good thing (this was told to me in a dream recently) is, we don't have to make a lot of decisions! There is just one decision: "Is this Spirit or is it not?" It makes life so much easier when I can remember that this is the only choice. I think this is getting close, so the Universe can reach down and help us.... I am about 2/3 through this long video. Near the beginning, MP says that she practiced this sort of listening and believing on a personal matter. Her experience with manifesting on a personal level by listening within, gives her courage to believe in a successful Ascension for all, no matter what it looks like now! So you see this is no small thing. Much love to you!
Thursday 14 January 2016, 03:40:59
I call it living by my heart, although I could call it my soul, because my heart always knows and guides with clairvoyance. My mind as an entertainment unit is fun, but I fain to believe in it's machinations as anything more than that. Trees and Naoko I so appreciate your words and sharings, they warm my heart and make me glad.
Thursday 14 January 2016, 13:03:31
Trees and Amanda, thank you for your care and attention, i really appreciate you both. i like this lyric and song and whenever i feel confused and sad, i listen to this. helps me to calm down...this lyric is a quote from Shakespeare's Winter tale. i've never read.. but i know i'll read some day..Trees, really thank you for sharing your experience, it helps me a lot to understand what's happening around me....i think i sometimes think too much about the same thing and go dead end... i'm not a thinking person, though... and just make me depressed...again, thank you.
Friday 15 January 2016, 00:24:43
another Winter's tale quote....What if once upon a time there were no stars in the sky at all… What if they [stars] aren’t what we think at all? What if they come from our wings as we turn into angels?
Destiny calls to each of us.We are all connected, all part of a great and moving plan.
Look closely, for even time and distance are not what they appear to be.
Friday 15 January 2016, 00:29:37
Friday 15 January 2016, 00:29:40
Bless you, Amanda!
Friday 15 January 2016, 03:42:27
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