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Maslowe's hierarchy had some relevance as to why the relatively [...]

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Maslowe's hierarchy had some relevance as to why the relatively wealthy sought spirituality and well being. Except that post Thatcher-Reagan era even that paradigm does not hold, and it certainly does not hold true for pre-Westernised Asiatic cultures such as materially impoverished but spiritually devout Hindu's, Buddhists, Jains and so on. Part of the explanation lies in the schism in Cartesian dualism that had, until recent times, a far greater influence in the West than in the East as well as the African sub-continent.

In Blackfoot Physics David Peat explains that what I and others call the star gazing cultures had 'analogue realities' which I interpret to be strongly related to an holistic perspective. They did not accord with the world view of the arrow of time, the linear essentially right brain concept of reality that Holbrook referred to as the absolute fragmental mindset (in The Stone Monkey) , which is overtly non intuitive. I find most New Age philosophy is bogus, a hotch potch of ideologies that contorts positivism, spirituality quantum physics, and pseudo scientific arguments in order to avoid basic moral issues. They espouse a base amoral scientism which goes against the grain of basic decent human empathy - a trait which the non psycopathic inherently share and naturally possess.

The polarity here is psychopathy v empathy.

I have explained before that in my experience the admonitions of Chapter 13 of the Chandogya Upa-ni-shads (effectively the sermon on the mount - that one can bring into being through esoteric means is no surprise. But the soldiers of materialism confound material acquisition with spiritual enlightenment which is also referred to as consciousness. There are myriad issues here that need to be worked out by ones in danger of being ensnared in such ephemeral feel-good cult logic, and I have neither the will nor patience to go through all of them as people who wish to delude themselves that they can master reality with their less than pea size intelligence echoes Sir Arthur Davey's patriarchal scientific passion to uncover the secrets of nature, " penetrating deep into her womb," or words to that effect. I have no truck with such binary myopia - everyone has to pull their own weight in their search for knowledge - on this we are agreed. But as to the fact that people have attracted death and generations of damnation simply by an accident of birth, in a region, with a particular skin colour, or culture - and that they have 'agreed in pre existence' to exist just long enough to witness decimation or worse is a psychopathic sophistry that in my opinion, and my experience (and I have studied these 'entitled - exceptionalist' theorists over considerable time) is akin to evil and self worship - its the cult of me 'meism', which some, including Mark Passio, equate with Satansim. And yet, there are so many takers. In this context, I disagree with what I refer to as localised Karma. Do not, my friends, burden yourself with thoughts that your suffering is brought on by past misdeeds. the universe is far too complex for such infantile linearity. And this is in essence the point - the fundamentalist intentionalist likes to emit the mantra that what you think, you become, what you visualise, you manifest. And experienced transcendentalists, thinkers, metaphysicists and simply those who can intuit truth and cut through the bull know that this is patently absurd as an absolute doctrine, but true in particular isolated cases. It is what we call paradox from our linear brained standpoint. But those who are not so encumbered by habituated brain processes overtly limited to 3 dimensions will not see it as paradox, but perfectly rational - only not in 3 and possibly even 4 dimensional terms. Another to express a similar concept is - "All things are possible".

If it is true - that all things are possible - then shit as well as bliss can occur. Of course if the fundamentalist manifesters are to be believed then all those who wish death and suffering upon you, and make no mistake, there are those dark ones amongst us who do this with scientific discipline, the that shit should be manifesting all around us constantly. And yet - we know that it only takes maybe 7% of a group to overturn the tyranny of the masses.

If the committed intentionalist can do perhaps the most skillful practice possible which is to strip down ones ego and explore the substantive essence of who and what they are - I believe they will acquire the consciousness of one or other polarity - Avalokiteshvara - or Saitan.

There is another maxim that reduces all this headstuff into a simple unembittered kernel, and I think Amanda and I joked about it in recent posts - "Do unto others as you would have done unto you.".
But let me add it is essential for true being and the ability to be true to that truthfulness of being to take much trouble for another, to show kindness wherever possible. The equation is simple. Sacrifice is emancipation, not in the sado sexual phallic christian symbology or self elevating messianism, but to give because receiving is the lesser part of the two. I don't expect non-spirituals to necessarily understand this - or as Henlein phrased the act of deep cognition,to "Grok" it.
However, I am sure that almost everyone if not all has experienced in youth, before their cleverness was formed in complex layers of nihilism toward the higher self, the joy of giving and the power it gives to the giver.

I guess, in the end people adhere to what they want to believe - we all know that our critical faculties are eroded and we're being bombarded with sorry to use the phrase again, full spectrum - toxicity, and much of it is electromagnetic, well everything is really, but I mean specifically at the frequency of microwaves, and RF and more. I'm sure professor Jose Manuel Delgado who passed away in 2011 - could have told you much more about this subject, for those who wish to research mass mind manipulation. The pint is that we are all under the kosh of much psychic, psychological, mental and emotional disturbances to the extent that simple clarity often evades us. I believe as per Bernaysian thinking, this is deliberate but here is where I have learned to give Gurdjieffs theory on magnetic center some credence. Buddhists simply refer to beings with spiritual potential for mindful awareness ad beings with 'qualities'. Not everybody has it. That is why it is essential to keep good company and fortify one's authenticity. Those who have 'qualities' and keep fealty with their 'comrades' whether corporeal or released from physical bondage will have the strength to unravel all the sophistry that they encounter - and remain true to the only thing that matters - pure uneviscerated love. 'nuff sed.

Love to all - Seb
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