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Plastics are disrupting our hormones and causing disease. Please read [...]

Ellicott City, Maryland
via The Full Circle Project
Plastics are disrupting our hormones and causing disease. Please read and trash your plastic containers. I recommend (as does my alt med doc) to drink Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar daily since it cleanses the toxins out of your liver. Warm lemon water is also an excellent cleanse.…
Mark R
I drink Braggs and purchase alkaline water and slice fresh lemons in it. Very refreshing!
Monday 18 January 2016, 07:34:42
Are plant based biodegradable plastics also xeno-estrogenic? Bragg's apple cider vinegar and their drinks with it are great! Hey are there some good water distilling/alkalizing all in one systems you'd recommend?
Monday 18 January 2016, 09:37:26
[deleted user]
The link I provided has a list of plastic types and what toxins each has. I converted to glass storage. Never heat food in plastic in the microwave - that's a big one. Unfiltered, organic apple juice (not the vinegar) softens gallstones as well. Apples are pretty awesome!
Monday 18 January 2016, 14:09:54
Alright thanks. Yes, microwaves are awful on their own, and combined with toxic plastics its exponentially worse. Then there's the atrocity of highly processed GMO TV dinners. Ugh! I'm a vegan now, and striving towards a raw food diet, locally grown, in season, and all that so I've since removed myself of such madness. Yep apples are pretty awesome indeed. Especially with cinnamon. Yummy!
Monday 18 January 2016, 21:31:42
[deleted user]
Agreed. The war on our health is the most dangerous one by far!
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 00:13:06
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