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My mind is scattered with thoughts of confusion in every [...]

Margate, Florida
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My mind is scattered with thoughts of confusion in every direction.I know the insanity is at its peak.I just want to have peace though the change we are about to experience. I worry about my friends and family who are still waking up.Is everything about money?Why are we on this drug called money and profit that always comes before God and Love?I know this rabbit hole is very deep. Will human consciousness really break free of this enslavement?
Money is whatever you'll accept for your labor. It works best if others share your choice....
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 16:39:36
Hi Bob. The plan for the next phase of the Matrix is to replace the old fiat money paradigm with a tightly rationed, monitored, totalitarian energy unit system with even more control under a central global authority overseen by the same powers that shouldn't be. On the surface, the new system will appeal to many as a more equitable way to distribute resources, however, it's a false choice given a free humanity able to enlighten itself and work together peacefully is more than capable of creating its own version of prosperity for all, real truth, and bottom up sustainability rather than top down dis-empowerment.
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 18:33:09
Maybe you're looking for something like this:… Drive the powers that shouldn't be nuts.
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 23:47:55
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