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Ellicott City, Maryland
via The Full Circle Project
Wow, brilliant woman , let's hope the change will happen
Wednesday 20 January 2016, 15:06:15
Mark R
Please visit the webpage . This document will align totally with what Karen says, but in fact, spread more light on it. Karen just grazes the surface.
Wednesday 20 January 2016, 23:39:03
Thursday 21 January 2016, 00:12:04
Mark R
The above-posted link is from Max Igan's site and is very important as linked to the above items. Written by Mary Elizabeth Croft it completely agrees with Karen's findings and still manages to go further.
Thursday 21 January 2016, 00:14:44
[deleted user]
Thank you, Mark!
Thursday 21 January 2016, 01:05:51
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