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I used to be very involved with environmental groups and [...]

Starkville, Mississippi
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I used to be very involved with environmental groups and political activism, but my constant digging revealed what I had suspected... If one follows the disjointed money trail, one finds that most of the groups, despite their claims, are totally sold out. I've been aware of the NWO and its diabolical plans for more than a decade now but, I must admit, I was playing right into their hands. My initial response was to withdraw from all environmental and political activism, and to educate myself, as best I can, to the hidden connections. I have met with friends to share my findings,and they seemed to be receptive, because they trust and look up to me (although their knowledge base of the cabal was weak to begin with). I sense that they didn't want to know, that I took away what they saw as their life's work. I am interested in seeing what your circle has to offer, but know that I am quite skeptical that I am interacting with yet another hijacked, infiltrated group.

Yet, here I am. I gave my full name and postal code because I am not afraid. Skeptical, but not afraid. I am an Eternal Being, I belong to the Creator, and nothing can be snatched from his/her hand.

Blessings to all,
Jason Allison
Respect to you Jason
Friday 22 January 2016, 08:53:36
Hey Jason,I can understand your scepticism,I also was initially.But as you delve into it,you'll find it's quite an open minded forum.And the people and posts to be sceptical about,are usually sorted out in the end!I enjoy this site,as it offers loads of inspiration!Enjoy mate
Friday 22 January 2016, 12:29:13
You may have misinterpreted the intention of the site, friend. There is no 'circle' to speak of. You create your own, having established a small network of trusted individuals. That is the fundamental difference between the FCP and similar gatherings of our awakened shared-conscience. There is nothing to subscribe to, no membership privilege or magik formula to ingest. This is simply a platform from which you can dive. It is you and I, who must climb to reach it. We will get out what we put in. If it is a persons inclination to try to sabotage or manipulate the intention behind it, they will have to spread their Self out very thinly indeed. Even if they succeeded in coercing a particular circle, there will be hundreds, if not thousands more that are not affected. They would have to circumnavigate the conceptual Full Circle.
Friday 22 January 2016, 15:08:29
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