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okay so Im just gonna go ahead and assume that [...]

Delta, British Columbia
via Prepare For Change
okay so Im just gonna go ahead and assume that not everybody is up to date on everything going on. Its not possible. Basically we all know something is happening, and we all want proof in one way or another and we can all kind of find it, but it is hard to be sure.

What i suggest everybody do is go outside and spend 45 minutes to an hour watching your clouds. know that they are almost certainly not real clouds. be aware that they are aware of you. then proceed to watch them travel intelligently, watch them travel with purpose. watch some travel up through another one on something like a 45 degree angle. watch them travel spaced out together evenly.. watch them move 100x faster than a normal cloud.

I know for a fact it is real because I experience it outside my window every single day without fail. I am certain they are forces of good because i have had experiences with the agents of darkness and they do not have to be there in physical form to appear to you in physical form. they are capable of doing it at anytime from anywhere, really. they have much of the same technology that the light do, its not hard to comprehend.

These negative beings want your soul, thats what they are after. they are scared of not owning you, because if they dont own you, you can destroy them. WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO END THIS EVIL AND CORRUPTION THAT IS MODERN CIVILIZATION AND REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER, TODAY.

if you dont know magravs technology, learn about it. every human being is a magravs field. the universe is a magravs field. I may be using incorrect terminology but because i have done the homework I understand the science. The Same way The Sun pulls the earth to it while they both magnetize eachother to the perfect distance for the earth to orbit the sun, Our brain pulls Ideas to it and can lock them in place and manifest them. This is real, it is provable, it is science.

Furthermore, it is very easy to prove that pretty much any government you pay an income tax to (im guessing here, i can only speak for certainty about Canada and America) is stealing from you, and at the same time illegally devaluing the money in your bank by magically printing new money backed by nothing. This is criminal, and every aspect of the government must be held accountable for this crime. They have robbed and raped every family who has ties to world war 1, world war 2, anything dating back to at least rome and probably earlier. This information is also readily available.

The bad guys are Satanic and they call themselves Luciferian. It is a deception. They are child rapists and cannibals and they own every industry from Hollywood to Asia and back again... Or at least they did.

Cancer is easily cured just like poverty and mental illness are all easily cured. they are giving your kids autism and cancer in vaccines, and more and more are becoming mandatory. They use it in secret. They are poisoning us in secret and in the open and either way we lay on our backs and take it.

I dont know about you but I have nothing invested in a 1984 future. NOTHING. do you?
We know they are killing us we know they are letting our family die as cattle or collateral damage and we know they dont care. They are scared right now, scared like you couldnt imagine. the jig is up, and they are all about to get FUCKED. they are our government. they are davos. they are big brother.

Nibiru is nearly here and with it will come more and more planetary changes. no longer are we Gaia, we are Nova Gaia (supposedly). There are planetary changes coming either way and the inner earth civilizations know this and are ready for it just like the Ashtar Galactic Command knows this and are ready for it. I personally believe that the ships in the sky that I see ARE the Ashtar Galactic Command. Ive seen the Sphere beings mimicking the sun Also, they Hide inside clouds near the Sun. They are there and they are ready to help.

We know these changes are imminent we know there is nothing we can do to stop them we know we are along for the ride. why not enjoy it? why not stop spectating and get in the game? Do you even realize how volatile the economy is right now? We have the infrastructure on this website to bring down the entire economy and in doing so DEMAND the change that we deserve. MANIFEST the event. perhaps this is what the meditation is for, to lead to action that can lead to exponential, planetary, instantaneous enlightenment, the opening ceremony of Ascension . THEN THE SHIPS WILL COME BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY ARE THERE AND WE DEMAND IT FROM THE UNIVERSE, NOW. and we are giving the universe what it needs to do the rest. we are putting our money where our mouth is. the universe provides people, but not by waiting for it to. stop waiting for it to come to you and go get it. do whats right and it will give you what you need. stop meditating on weekends or when you have the time and doing this or that when you have the time.

what purpose is taking your kids to school when the whole system is a daycare meant to make them dumber? do you want that? what point is there going to work when you cant even pay for food and soon there wont even be any food on the shelves? I suggest everybody purchase 1-2 weeks of food and water, and then we start the event. we dont wait for it because it is happening, and afterwards we will all really wish we participated.

think about the open letter to the inner earth civilizations. not to ridicule whoever wrote it but have you looked into the inner earth civilizations? they use technology to watch us and speak to us and they keep records of what we do. They know us as much as they need to at this point, because the people we have been- the people we have shown them, are garbage. Im guilty of it just as much as anybody else. Rather than asking them to show us compassion and love why dont we force them to be the bigger wiser older siblings by showing them how they should be treating us.

I know damn well how we could end this crap in less than a week. look the timeline is getting close. EITHER ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE MADE BEFORE MARCH 2016 or dont get your hopes up for our liberation. now i dunno about you but march 2016 is not far away. I got that info from somebody who works with money and had to sign contracts back in the summer pertaining to the "GCR" or "RV" and he says if we dont have public announcements by march it is not a good sign for our timeline of ascension with the planet. I dont doubt it, not for a minute.

I have a plan that if half the people could understand and actually commit to...we could do it. picture this...

now rather than angry mobs descending upon buildings (which is my second suggestion after this one) why dont we all just peacefully protest. do it like this. go home, find out about cancer cures. find out about murdered holistic doctors. find out about nibiru. find out about the ashtar galactic command. find out about rappers and celebrities saying i sold my soul, talking about the illuminati too. go look up the ww2 lies. go look up jews admitting to ww2 lies. its all readily available.

Then go and look up all the information arguing this information.
Understand that no matter what, the internet will not give you a 100% answer of what is what and who is good and who is bad. it will give you a very clear image of a very small number of non-human and human entities using a number of very powerful syndicates and secret societies to control every single aspect of our life. They are in our own heads and we dont even know. None of this is new, i know i have brought nothing to light.

The point is however, that we do have the power right now to stop this evil. All of us, together, as a team. Commit to learning the information and then commit to forcing somebody who cares about anything from the environment to money to child abuse to see your side. if they cant see your side then you arent committed enough. Break any perceived barriers because there are NONE. I am you and you are me, the only difference is experience.

We either have to boycott every aspect of our current lives or we are sell outs who have nothing to expect but more of the same. We need to take a leap of faith, as a people.

There must be a lawyer on this website. We create one document for each country with blank spaces for name address and such and it is addressed to the government informing them that we will not be paying anymore of their false taxes until they refund us all the money they have stolen and lives they have stolen in full. If they cannot do that, they can step down into the nearest jail to await forgiveness. I am aware they cannot refund stolen lives and since their acts are criminal anyway I figure it doesnt matter how we word it if 4000 people send a legal document to their own personal government office and at the same refuse to buy gasoline for 1 day and at the same time call in sick for work every day for a week, we would create the change we are so desperate to see.
we need to stop being victims waiting for help. create the help so that others want to take part.

if you think my plan isnt well thought out then you are truly being fooled by what is happening. I have thought it out clearly. I am sick of hoping and waiting and wanting change. I say we arm ourselves with Knowledge and use its power to overthrow the evil parading itself around in every facet of our daily lives. in lovejoy
Come on, we're working together for the light and love!
Friday 22 January 2016, 11:17:15
[deleted user]
So, instead of just sitting over here and waiting, you suggest we move and actually manifest the Event. Maybe this is what is expected from us the entire time- we don't have a magic wand to do miracles, but we have brains and I think we might be able to do this in a good way with some luck, of course. While I can't help you with law, you have my full support. Oh, and by the way I did noticed those strange nimbus clouds moving damn fast too. I don't know if they are ET, but they are really strange, that's undeniable.
Friday 22 January 2016, 21:52:15
[deleted user]
One more thing. I reccomend you to stay allert, because I fear the Event, when it eventualy takes place, will be used by negative forces for deception on massive scale. Beware of darknes, for it is not lit up easily…
Friday 22 January 2016, 21:59:03
Hello and I'm very near by as well across the straight on Van Isle I agree entirely with most of what you have written and I admire your passion. I have been in contact with the ships for many years now and was taken aboard In Nov 2014 and was told along with many others it would be 2 years ( Nov 2016) the big problem speaking from my situation is I have to work my butt off just to make the ends meet and feed all my family stopping work is not a reasonable option yet.
I believe that the time line is not in stone but that this will be the year when the SHIT hits the fan. So we will remain calm to keep the energy down. David Wilcock has had the same information for the end of this year as well. It would be great to have some more communication with you in the near future....
Friday 22 January 2016, 22:02:48
Thanks for sharing this Indigo I sure hope you're right! I have become very aware of the clouds and at times suspicious as I thought they were formed by chemtrails. Am trying to learn to think with my heart and not my head! Seems there is a lot of unchartered territory to navigate, I choose to believe all is well :)
Sending love and light to the community here xo
Thursday 7 July 2016, 04:30:24
I am attaching the url for a utube video for you and others in your area. I'm in the Vernon area.…
Thursday 21 July 2016, 01:07:13
@ indigo. While I agree with the idea of being the change you want to see, this made me LOL "if they cant see your side then you arent committed enough" and say if this is how you feel you have not tried persuading as many people as you think. I no longer waste my time on such endeavors. I present the facts and relevant data on a given subject and perhaps my personal opinion. What the person chooses to believe is up to them. They either take the red pill or the blue pill.
Tuesday 6 December 2016, 07:31:50
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