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A quote from Andrews' American Law: "Sec. 39. Meaning [...]

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A quote from Andrews' American Law: "Sec. 39. Meaning of Leading Words Obscure. — Mr. Austin says: 'Of all the perplexing questions which the science of jurisprudence presents, the notion of status or condition is incomparably the most difficult, and much of the obscurity in which it is involved arises from the way it has been treated by the modern commentators upon the Roman law.' We may substitute for the word 'status' in the above sentence the word 'person;' for, if we do not find them synonymous, we will find the two terms very intimately associated. This word 'person,' and its scope and bearing in the law, involving, as it does, legal fictions and also apparently natural beings, it is difficult to understand; but it is absolutely necessary to grasp, at whatever cost, a true and proper understanding of the word in all the phases of its proper use."
Also from Andrews' American Law: "A moment's reflection enables one to see that man and person cannot be synonymous, for there cannot be an artificial man, though there are artificial persons." "The law does not distinguish between men except by their personality, as king or magistrate, or as parent or husband or wife, etc. While the idea may be difficult for the tyro to grasp, the personality, i. e., this condition or status of a man, is entirely the creation of the law. By nature all men are created free and equal, i. e., of equal rank, equal rights; but the law does not look upon all men as equal, though in the law of the United States all men have equal 'civil' rights."
Saturday 23 January 2016, 05:20:28
Just to clarify, 'civil rights', of course, being the US granted privilages of the fictitious 'person', differentiated above from the very real man. We have to keep in mind the various forms of law to avoid mixing apples and oranges, as may be possible from the last sentence in the quote above.acknowledging natures law (highest form) of free and equal man, then referring to mans law of the United States (an inferior law form known as legal i.e. statutes, codes & regulations) again, pertaining to persons (the lowest status in the food chain, if you will). An excellent topic eaf, and one worthy of much dialog if we are to 'right our ship' and find land.
Sunday 24 January 2016, 08:57:03
Ha! Perfectly put VoxPop. You hit the nail on the head. Fortunately, it is indisputable in law, that "civil" in used in opposition to "natural", which means that when "civil rights" are invoked, "natural rights" are excluded. This is a conversation that every judge will avoid.
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 04:15:35
You are absolutely right eaf. Judges can't acknowledge this stuff in front of the peanut gallery, lest they give up the ghost. I'm finding out that truly understanding who we are in relation to their legal club, tends to force the issue. They may not like it, but more and more are failing to deny it, thus performing their highest duty...the preservation and protection of private property.
Thursday 28 January 2016, 03:23:49
Bingo! And, by asking questions, for the purposes of getting a judicial determination on the issue (i.e. determining the meaning of a certain word), you are not stating a position or legal opinion. Plus, they can't ignore the question and make you get a lawyer, because a lawyer can only guess what the court will determine. The court must make a determination in order to maintain due process. How can someone defend themselves if they aren't absolutely clear on the meaning of each word being used against them? Every element of every word must be clear so that you can make sound judgement in respect to your defense.
Sunday 31 January 2016, 08:38:24
On top of this, the court and the private law firm contracted to perform the duties of a public prosecutor only make X amount per case up until around trial or appeal, depending on the contract. By asking for judicial determination on every element of every element, they will lose WAY more money than you. Lol...but they have to play the game, and bank on the fact that you don't have the time. Well let me ask this. Who doesn't have the time to protect their rights? It usually just comes down to convenience.
Sunday 31 January 2016, 08:43:44
Clearly you are a much greater dancer with the devil than i lol. As an idiota who waves all legal, i want the facts produced that demonstrate whatever law they're pushing, even applies to me. Barring those, i don't see how they could proceed. Even though my last encounter had me testifying as to the code itself, getting the case dismissed, i was ignorant as to the jurisdictional ramifications of an oath. i shant make that mistake again lol After all, isn't the highest law in any of our courts ecclesiastical? My appearing in any other manner than a Man would negate God's law, giving them jurisdiction. Would it not?
Monday 21 March 2016, 01:24:50
Yes I agree, I am a missionary for the Kingdom of Heaven and not a citizen of this worldly system of Baal. They have no Jurisdiction over me period, and I do not recognize any authority other than The GOD of Abraham.
Friday 2 August 2019, 00:54:44
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