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Just joined this site. I am excited to see what [...]

Bristol, City of Bristol
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Just joined this site. I am excited to see what comes of it. I would really like to see if there any local discussion groups that I can tag along to. If you are in Bristol, say hello. We could sort something out.

My favorite topics are (in no particular order. NWO, Economics, Elitist families (Royalty), Over population, World problems, The War on humanity, Religion, Global warming, History, and how it repeats, and patterns recognized today, secret clubs and societies, Satanism and who is involved.

All that kind of good stuff, the stuff that makes people think I am a complete lunatic really. I am looking looking to expand that list with another free thinking truth seeker (s).
Welcome to the full circle Scot
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 18:40:53
Thanks Gaynor
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 19:15:25
Welcome Scottlad
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 19:40:54
Hi Scottlad,you`re not that far away.
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 19:48:17
South Wales, not far at all. Just taking a look at Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong that you mention on your profile. That sounds interesting, I am exploring various methods at the moments to help me try and deal with the stress that comes with all the information that I am taking on at the moment. Would you recommend it for a novice?
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 22:38:07
Thanks Blove
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 22:38:39
of course...a great stress/anxiety reliever is Qi Gong.....Tony Dove who`s one of the top teachers in UK(`cept for Master Lam who`s moved back to London) teaches in Abergavenny on a Monday night and holds classes in Bristol mainly `cos he lives near there!`s fairly simple to learn but takes a long time to master..I love it,wish I`s taken it up a lot longer ago but in 20 years time I would have done! me if you want to know more :)
Tuesday 26 January 2016, 22:45:11
[deleted user]
Welcome, Scottlad!
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 05:35:54
[deleted user]
Hiya Scottlad welcome. I agree with Guzzibob Qi Gong is great. How you doing Guzzibob? Have you had a chance to link up with the lady near you yet? Scotttlad if your looking to form a local circle I've found using the connect button with it set "users in the last week" a great aid. You can pm people and eventually some-one will take the lead and arrange a meet up. There are quite a few happening in the UK and I'm sure it won't be long before all the local circles will meet up for a national meeting. everyday I'm seeing new people join this site and with the new World Citizen Solutions circle and Ubuntu Planet circle it is very exciting times.
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 11:26:24
Hi Fred. Thank you. I will see what I can sort. I am quite proactive and all up for getting people together for a conversation. See where it goes. :)
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 14:55:06
Guzzibob is fine thanks(cept for dem mysterious ickle boxes what only I can see)`d the lady who is an hours ride away(Welsh miles are longer than English ones due to very bendy roads) but no reply as of yet...great to see momentum building with the new members,just wish the old ones would check back to the site once n a while...all is well Carla,cheers flower x
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 17:17:39
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