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This is strange..or is it? hmmm [...]

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This is strange..or is it? hmmm…
Yes, I heard about these things on TFR this morning with Popeye, spooky weird,
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 18:37:46
so you`re really Olive Oyl.... had my suspicions for a while now :D
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 18:41:23
we only see a narrow spectrum of the available light with our eyes...presumably there`s a whole heap of stuff running around that`s invisible to us
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 18:48:15
[deleted user]
Very interesting. You can buy low-cost infrared and ultraviolet filters that are supposed to work fairly well on DSLR cameras to help to see some of these things. Whether they're the same "entities" or not, I can't say, but they look very similar to the dark entities in this video. Check this out,…
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 21:14:45
I am and my sitters are seeing more and more that was invisible to us or so we thought!
Wednesday 27 January 2016, 22:00:59
[deleted user]
Sounds intriguing Bazzzilll, care to elaborate? What are your sitters? What kind of work are you doing? You've got my attention.
Thursday 28 January 2016, 15:55:42
long long story my friend but I started this circle in late summer 2014 to try and fulfill a life long yearning to TRY and develop "direct voice mediumship" such as this man done, however the things WE are experiencing are beyond ANY notions I for one may have had at it's beginning, would be happy to skype or ooVoo and continue this Shamanic if you would like? PM for my addy for either
Thursday 28 January 2016, 16:54:01
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