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It is the time for us to evolve. I can [...]

Brighton, Michigan
via Prepare For Change
It is the time for us to evolve. I can only pray that it is today. My path is to be in service to my fellow being and to be creative in my service. I know some truth but hear and see many lies. This life is the time of the spark, the beginning.

Thank you, my friend. Glad to share the Planet with you.
Friday 29 January 2016, 05:04:27
Your welcome, dear trees. I've started to grow in a new area, healing. Been interested in "Jin Shin Jyutsu for a few years. What a beautiful view.
Monday 8 February 2016, 19:11:15
Hi there Khalm! I just looked it up, sounds great. Love to read your posts about your experience with this modality. :)
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 04:14:29
Hi Trees, such a beautiful name by the way. Nature is beautiful. Can I ask you what you are doing in the present time to grow? I wish to hear how you see things and what you are doing.
Saturday 13 February 2016, 22:36:55
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