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On my mind: The not-so-esoteric position that the world, this [...]

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On my mind: The not-so-esoteric position that the world, this beautiful, abundant and awesome living, breathing and sentient eco-system is in a transitional phase. I have been trying to rationalise the concept of how organisms have a natural defence, or immune system. If we took this as a scientific premise and even approached it from the Darwinian 'Evolution' thesis, then it follows that in order for the planet to evolve, it needs to constantly keep itself in good health. The natural organic process for 'purging' toxins, parasites and other harmful bodies is through a release of immunoglobulin, a Y shaped protein produced by plasma cells. I was theorising that perhaps the planet has been attempting to 'purge' these toxins from it's system for thousands of years, without ever fully eradicating the source. From our 'learned' perspective, the planet has tried to flush out these toxins through flooding and other 'natural' processes. The bacteria and parasitic carriers are becoming prevalent again, damaging the earth's vital organs. Being the awesome organism that 'it' is, the earth has developed a more efficient and effective immune system. Instead of 'purging' the majority of sentient life (i.e good and bad bacteria), that is an essential part of it's eco-sytem, perhaps the planet's immune system has learned to identify the specific cause of the pathogen. That could potentially be our perceived negative characteristics, such as greed or over-indulgence. This new and improved immune system is a raising of consciousness, as the planet has evolved, so it's 'awareness' has evolved also. We are a direct manifestation of the planets defence mechanism. We are the 'awakened' anti-bodies. If we understand how immune systems work correctly, then it follows that Y-shaped proteins first must identify the pathogens (i.e psychopaths). Having identified the pathogen, they then 'attach' to it, and finally the planet will 'purge' the identified threat, whilst retaining the beneficial elements that are essential for it's survival. - I hope that manifests as I intended, Just another way of looking at the whole 'awakening' phenomena. I'll go back to my business now, got seeds to sow while the weather is fine! Peace and love to you all
Hello Starfall, we hear and share your impassioned contemplation. In another life I embraced the 'Slow Reckoning' thesis by a book of the same name authored by George Athanasou. It basically stated that like the human body, the earths defence mechanisms do everything to patch itself up. It will redirect resources, reroute energy, adjust the fragile ecosystems and strain to the nth degree to compensate for mans environmental (and psychic) violence. At the last, again like the human body, it may retain a semblance of composure from the outside, but within will be breaking down with such intensity that its over reach will result in a sudden and catastrophic collapse of the whole ecosystem - until, as you suggest, it purges us almost in our entirety. There are records of several deluges, and all ancient mythologies speak of several rounds of evolution as humanity crawled time and again out of some primordial mishap. Added to this, old pantheons speak about earth being a part of the solar logos which forms the planetary (on a cosmic scale) body - and state that the sun is a conscious being. I can neither confirm or deny these claims, but that the sun is intelligent in some way, i have no doubt, but do not pretend to come even close to understanding it- although I am vaguely aware of the notion of Sanat Kumaras, the intelligent forces that coalesce between sun and earth creating sustenance, and their corollaries in many other mythologies. Historically, there is a fine line between environmentalism and eco-fascism, its a historical fact easily researched. One could readily look at the Nazi belief in the 'back to the land' doctrine which although couched in patriarchal terms of being a son of the soil, a patriot to the Fatherland, and a steward of an Aryan tradition of all that is good, honest and natural. There are many other corollaries, both in the UK farming culture, or equally in the deep South. Lovelock, Hardy, Ehrlich et al epitomised this in their 'man is a plague that should be wiped out' theses, (and latterly the infamous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Of coures Maurice Strong and other magnates that oversaw the Club of Rome that successfully mobilised a massive globally pitched environmental movement which accelerated after the Brandt's commissions canard on 'Sustainable Development'. What 'we' did not know however was that the WWF and UK Green Party and even Friends of the Earth were heavily infiltrated and being directed by agendas being set by Oil companies and industrialists, and furthermore that all this was taking shape under the auspices of Agenda 21, and the Global Warming Scam. (If you know about the Maunder minimum and about the bogus science mainly peddled by the IPCC and the so called experts in the University of East Anglia you'll be aware of the corporate funded background and bogus green agenda which is centered around land grabs, endless taxes to fund corporate welfare - [our energy bills have shot up to pay for the business development and new infrastructure expenses of British gas and UK Water authorities and of course, more profits fro the already well healed investors], centralising power, getting people out of the countryside/commons and putting them into clustered city environments where they can serve the remaining industries after the planned population cull et-cetera).
Thursday 9 July 2015, 09:18:25
Everything is indeed connected, but not necessarily in the way that Jan Smuts foresaw when he coined the phrase 'holistic'. I mention all this as the complexity involved in working out and connecting how systems work, and to just speak about how attempts to point out parallels and theoretical structures have been used against we who want to promote holism, and respect our planet. In a sense, the green movement has been its worst enemy. I suppose Jonathan Porrits seismic shift and betrayal of the Green's and his subsequent inefficacious and endless tirade of criticism of the movement as a whole as well as government policy regarding the environment is an exemplary symptom of the disease and a sage warning of the dangers of shallow analysis and the tendency to jump aboard the bandwagon. Anything can and will be used as a weapon against (here we go again) 'full spectrum consciousness'. Information, critical analysis, and a well honed intuition (which as I'm sure many of you know through experience) takes a lot of dedicated work, study, and continual refinement as well as keeping somewhat of an open mind help combat myopia and temper how we negotiate the idealism to extremism continuum. Much affection to all - Seb
Thursday 9 July 2015, 09:35:34
BTW, Starfall, your avatar/id is enviable in the extreme, am I authorised to make a car sticker from it? Actually, perhaps we should all make and circulate? Much Love - Seb
Thursday 9 July 2015, 09:41:19
Of course Seb. I can send it you in any format/size you need my friend. Email me and I'll forward different versions to you. Alternatively, here is a direct link to that particular image.…. Landscape version:… - Email:[email protected]
Thursday 9 July 2015, 09:59:22
Ahh! I have it, thank you greatly - I shall display it as a badge of honour - Seb
Thursday 9 July 2015, 10:01:14
In reply to your previous comment, I have read extensively in the past, and perhaps my recent contemplation was based on 'absorbed' information. I have a tendency to think rather spontaneously at present, and in quite a 'base' level of detail, perhaps an attribute of 'de-cluttering' my life in general. I am aware that these kinds of concepts have been explored laboriously by others previously, but sometimes it helps me to strip away the academia and deep-philosophising and simplify my thought process. I was indoctrinated into a critical/analytical and somewhat didactic form of appraising information through University, but I feel that part of my personal journey is to strip-back all the pontificating and word-smithery and simply 'listen' to what my intuition says. I guess that is part of my 'awakening' as it were. Thank you do much for your reply my friend.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 10:16:00
More than welcome. If you need it in PDF or nay other format for print, feel free to ask.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 10:17:43
You have a fluid and easy style of script which I much admire. It seems to reflect what I imagine is your character. Your mellow balance of meditational and analytical inquiry has the advantage of being easy to read and understand, unlike my garbled busy rush of ideas.
I remember talking about an engineering design paradigm with a city hi-flyer - I think in finance, no less, who also fancied himself as an engineer enthusiast. After I finished explaining my idea of design which I think to be elementary he espoused vigorously that only someone who was educated outside the system could come up with this schema. In that case I beg to differ as his imagination was particularly stunted, but he was right that I had largely educated myself outside of academia.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 14:13:20
Thursday 9 July 2015, 14:13:22
There the page break goes again unbidden! Another quality that I discern is a disarming honesty and a willingness to examine both what you and others present with little prejudice. Have you ever thought about going into politics? I jest, of course. It is refreshing to read the work as some one who has embraced the spirit of inquiry and conveys such with the eloquence that you present. Peace - Seb
Thursday 9 July 2015, 14:21:12
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