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Only to be read by responsible adults, newbies and the Dream Team, and people who can read, lets make a stand, lets make a statement and lets do the right thing for our kids even if it means sheading a few tears, the 1 percenters Christmas misery and may many more follow.
Ok let me run something by the Dream Team. We have learnt or are still learning that to stop/slow this system down then we need to starve it of oxygen so I am putting an idea out here that will help do this. We all know that Christmas is far to commercialised and there are lots of peeps out there in sleepy sleep land who dedicate their last penny in their purse/wallet and anything else they can borrow or steal to make sure that little Johny spoilt twat gets everything they can humanly fit in the sack so that little Johny spoilt twat keeps his street cred, he may lose his mind with all the electronic devices that dearest mummy and daddy got him because they love him. So lets turn over a new leaf and kick Santa where it hurts in his gonads. We understand that most if not all of the larger companies are conjoined at the hip and have the same master the 1%. Just because a toy has made in China written all over it don't mean that all the profit goes to some kind ancient grand master of kung fu who teaches blind kids how to defend themselves for free because he is a humanitarian. I am sorry if I have disillusioned some of the newbies but I don't like to pull certain punches when I am in teaching mode but lets face it we have played our parts of the gullibled and the down trodden masses for long enough, for fucks sake we have become masters of our own foolishness to the extent that we dare not let little Johny spoilt twat down. So with the clock ticking we still have enough time left to let all our little Johny spoilt twats know that this Christmas will be a fucking bleak sad occasion and to get over it. Lets give out some organic fruits instead, lets play hide and seek, let the little Johny spoiled twats seek out Santa and we will hide him. Lets think about Buying little Johny spoiled twat a treadmill and some dumb bells something that will actually benefit him and after 6 months of intensive training by mummy and daddy I can guarantee you little Johny spoiled twat wont want to see Santa the following year. Lets for once in our adult lifetimes come together for this one time at least and send a message to the 1% buy your own fucking junk cos we don't want it
about an hour ago

Gaynor Fabulous statement Billy, I know of the same parents who cave into the whole techno, latest iPhone crap, just to prove by manipulation of the Johny types , that their parents love them so..., it's appalling, I don't have kids , but it's seems worse here in the uk 🇬🇧 than some European countries, its brainwashing, and tv usually starts around now, the same with, buy a new sofa for Christmas, pay now, end up in debt, for the sake of impressing the neighbour s and family you secretly despise , then come January your in credit card meltdown...I'm much happier leaving it all behind thankyou very much, I usually give money or vouchers and they can spend it on what they for Christmas, I usually go away, far from the madness or to My dads this year possibly in Austria 🇦🇹, it's so completely different over there, no commercialisation, beautiful Christmas markets selling traditional wooden toys for kids, home made foods etc , and more family and friends oriented , great post Billy x
25 minutes ago

Does Santa's little helper get to wear red, too?
Wednesday 4 October 2017, 00:58:43
You would look good in an onion sack
Wednesday 4 October 2017, 05:40:32
We've been through this; only BURLAP please&thankyou
Wednesday 4 October 2017, 20:13:52
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