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Worongary, Queensland
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one under god [on strike/on point]
hi familiar with the loose your name project..i tested that stuff out in court..and its a hard road but a great teaching/learning aid..but in the end..its their court their jails and people doing as their told..its not a thing one would try in this day and age without knowing many friends have your back..the trouble with being right..when near everyone else thinks your they wont blink an eye if the system wants us gone..the judges now have it all ready formatted out for them scripted..i know because my appeal is now part of the lawyer training system..anyhow how about explaining a few points person ..contract law..fixtures and fungables and about how a plant in the ground belongs to the ground..thus cannot be a fungable to be called a possession..only by deeming a living plant a thing under the act..that cannot apply to anything but person..but personhood is a fiction..applying only to non living states corpse-orations and offices licences and other quasi legal manipulations of civil abuse by implied social con-tract
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 00:37:02
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