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Say, "Hello" to John Smitherman — one of thousands of [...]

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Say, "Hello" to John Smitherman — one of thousands of U.S. soldiers stationed in the Marshall Islands during nuclear weapons testing in the aforementioned region. John's government never enlightened him — nor any of his fellow paid assassins — regarding the pernicious nature of radioactive fallout.

Pay particular attention to the last six minutes of the flick below, during which the camera pans back, affording us a good look at John's body. Yeah, that's really John's left hand — swollen to the size of a catcher's mitt, and those are really his fingers, each the dimensions of bratwursts, ready to burst. Yes, those are John's legs — or lack thereof — which were amputated, after they split open, all due to radioactive fallout he ingested in the Marshall Islands.

Soldiers would lounge in the shadow of these nuclear blasts, sporting shorts and no shirts. John's government — and yours — displaying care and compassion...for their own bank accounts, and delusions of power:…
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