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Ive been doing alot of thinking lately about everything going [...]

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Ive been doing alot of thinking lately about everything going on around the world and in our country and I'm at a loss what I want to do anymore? I have this feeling that won't go away that something bad is about to happen! Its hard to deal with because everyone else around me doesn't seem to care or worry about what's going on. I feel helpless and lost :/
one under god [on strike/on point]
mr x [I like your name..are you aware of the symbolism]..anyhow we are here don't be worried about anything ..your fears might be telling you is is but old mr x we are it..and its all good ..we are going to write our own happy ending..doing it by grace love mercy..[and the majic X]..see mr x your sign [the x is the mark of the beast..[our signature]..but that is for another day..for now you need to figure out youyr next move and put in a proposal for financing..[I pay the check..after you get one other supporter and you write out your best plan..the sky is the limit mr x..just sign on the dotted replying indicating you accept the offer..and do ask questions..knowing the question often privides the reply..[and im paying..the buck is created by me ends with me..the buck stops here..[or begins..put your idea out there..and ignore what they do..we are doing our own thuings our way..for everyone
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 23:26:23
one under god [on strike/on point]
ahh here is the post the place where the question occurred post it again [the other post may bbe deleted ..if needed I just replied a provate mess-age from mr x I don't know how to join this unedited reply to mr x and the other conversation..i apologise for the long reply..but he asked me to explain about the mark of the beast ..or whatever this came out in reply..[it is as it is] idea where this fits In

i have explained it on other posts..please ask the questions at the thread..i cant figure out how to get back to that page..and if I need explain it too many times ..I have better things to do..than explain it yet again [but as im reposting this publicly..i will go over it again..

.the govt has power over us because we applied to them ..[apply means beg] law one who begs is presumed to know for what he begs..but how we begged is the key*..we applied [begged]..on their form/s*..even worse we swore to be true..certain facts..that we don't know are facts..because we are not swearing true our own truths..[we are swearing true only what govt told us is true..

or we read on out GOVT birth certification..WE DONT KNOW ..its true..thus under law its called hearsay..but yet govt requires us to swear it true..knowing we lie thgus fell into dishonour from the get go..[ie take for example your name...

you parents swore your name to be x Harrison...and by begging govt they own the name...usually its written in black or blue to indicate that your dead..[ie a corporation..]..we formed govt to manage these corporate law they are called person..[to wit in the acts they write this law includes person's [ie their created fictions..another clue lies in the name being in all caps ..indicating a non living corporate person....

you are not have trust over persons..but all ready I see your eyes glazing over..but lets pretend your reading it anyhow and go on..the govt takes your forms as an offer and creates other 'persons under the act'..with things..[persona].. like licence..

[a licence is permission for a 'person' a dead do that otherwise un;lawfull for a 'person' do..[how they trapped us into personhood ../and thus under control of the via all the persons..govt its many forms.

.but here is where you came in..the way we got tricked was by [via]..a uni-lateral contract..but there was no informed concent..nor a meeting of minds [equals]..only the living can make contract..and how we got conned into becoming person under the act is by accepting the under /standing of person via begging..[application]..on their forms [under their seal]..

we were all..enslaved by [via]..signing your name..or rather the name owned by govt put your x..[your sig-nature on the con-tract..and thus gave up all your god given rights to become a mere person..under a govt fiction called an act..[im presuming your still with me..anyhow

the living can make treaty..the living can make contract..because the living have a soul..and have a thing called standing..[each living being has standing under god alone..[and thats it unless you been tricked by deceivers enslaving people with fictions...of person

.[govt..the queen..the crown..are all getting their powers.of person.. from the living..[anything we can collectively do..can be done by any individual..thus govt has the right to put value on paper and call it money..but bankers stole that right from the people..[all living mortal heirs of god alone..who sustains the living our very breath..[not the dead ..they only get life by leacxhing off the works efforts of the living serving a dead corporate fiction..a beast

look all im doing is giving it serve the living..not dead corporate entities....not sates not person not societies..nor as a living being own a fair share of gods just giving your inheritance FROM GOD FORWARD.....KNOWING ANYTHING I GIVE YOU WILL BE RETURNED..OR BE C;LAIMABLE ON YOUR ESTATES ..AFTER YOU MOVE ON..fuck..i hate typing this stuff again and again..and my fat fingers hit capitals so sorry about not yelling..

i have been explaining this to many people over time..i havnt said it all..only a rough guide..for now you seem the only reply..and all that effort hides in your email box..not at the place we made our public offer ...ok move on

.this isnt just for you..this is for everyone....[ALL LIVING ENTITIES.. not corpotsaye fictions or person..thus members join via their mother name..]..and I like explaining things once..then replying SPECIFIC questions..if only to know people are comprehending what im saying.

.the trouble is many have no idea that's why govt has enslaved them..if you don't understand please ask specific questions..nowui have to learn how to put this reply back to the place you could have asked the question..and if I need spell check this blurb..thats that one step too far..i'm..a visionary..noy a writer not a typist not a banker not a person ..and I just want others to do what they do best..thats all we each need to do.

.i explain the complicated stuff..anyhow I am being rough..and im sorry..if you don't understand what im saying look up what the names really mean..thats how I learnt it..word by word..step by step over two decades..and im tired..i mean really really tired....

please don't quote my own/ blurbs back to depresses me seeing how bad I write..i do things as they need doing then move on...I can hardly see my key board at the moment because its dusk..and im too tired to get up and turn the light switch on..[ok cut it and try to find the place to post it..cheers thank you for the ;'question'?..all the best from johan Hendrik/johan nine oug esq
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 08:32:18
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