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Concerns: 1 debt in general and the global economy. Expect [...]

Wiarton, Ontario
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Concerns: 1 debt in general and the global economy. Expect it to fail soon with much fallout for citizens (food, water, ....) 2 Climate catastrophe and ensuing fallout there as well... Wondering if I am in the fear mode propaganda machine. 3 Experiencing health issues/fatigue and pondering if connected with devastation of planet and//or mind over matter. Trying to change views/perceptions/attitudes to positive but also face reality as is. Looking for next steps however small to move forward to take responsibility for counteract the forces to enslave earth.
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Hi Adele B
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 17:47:56
one under god [on strike/on point]
adele..yes the debt is a concern..but as long as crooked polititions keep putting the corporate and banker debt onto its people the scam will go on..this fall has been coming for a going time..i wouldn't worry about what their doing but what were doing..its much the same with the climate thing,..thats about global govt wanting an energy based money system..the media beats it up because guess who owns the media..they just want a global guilt sin bail the moneyed elites making us feel guilt..and forget the thousands of other pollutants..we are a carbon based life..carbon free is code for make earth look like mars..the health issues are coberd at waking times and dr mercola..and even dead doctors..the biggest problem is vitamin depleted foods and a few supplement's..a few key herbs..and other basic nutrients..and most health problems go away I would post links but a lot of it is here in the back pages…
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 18:23:17
Hi Adele, welcome to Full Circle. I understand you may feel overwhelmed with facing the financial system, our uncertain climate and health concerns. We're all at various stages of wakefulness and ability to face up to corruption. From my perspective I'm having a blast trying to address them in my own way. 1. Debt is a tool of scarcity. Completely fiction and the real wealth is us, each and every one of us. We have the power to shift our own realities and I throughly enjoy my vantage. True abundance is actually attainable. 2. Preparedness for climate extremes is certainly smart planning. Permaculture, earth ships and living in harmony within our environment. Again, totally exciting things to ponder and learn about. 3. Health care begins in the kitchen! There are a host of things I can ramble on about... Fluoridated water and other toxins and heavy metals are an important focus. Alkalining the body to Ph 7.4 too. I'd be happy to share years of research and experience
, just send me a note. In Lac'ech friend.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 03:11:24
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