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Going forward after Full Disclosure into a new reality [...]

Mitcham, Victoria
via Ubuntu Planet
Going forward after Full Disclosure into a new reality of peace and love for all.✌
Music Alchemy
new reality is you, it is now...look at your feet, where are they? that is where reality is, right where you are now. there is no after. I know corey/david thing talks about this which is why I don't watch any of that fantasy football anymore. life is real. absolutely real. i just ran away from a ton of people in a facebook group who have their head in the clouds "waiting" for disc. so stupid. again, its right under our noses. disclosure is happening on a global scale right now and after Tuesdays Solar Eclipse it will open the flood gates. scalias murder exposed the worldwide pedophile network running the world and they are going down...rapidly. that my dear is disclosure and no one, I mean NO ONE will be free until every single baby and child is rescued.
Saturday 5 March 2016, 07:45:17
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