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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
via The Full Circle Project

It is all magic. One of the greatest magic tricks that has been
perpetrated in this dimension is convincing people that there is no magic.
The concept of "ordinary reality" is the biggest fraud ever put over on
people. There is no ordinary, it is all magic. All shimmers, all can
shift and change. All is immortal, and all is transient. All is shared by
all. Is that not magic?

It has come to be part of my reality that the fifth dimension shares the
exact same space which we see as hard third dimension. Not only do the
fifth and higher dimensions occupy this same space here, but all the
dimensions are parts of a greater One. Because the higher dimensions are
perfect, this this dimension is perfect, too. All IS one. Do you want to
know what a planet waking up looks like? Then just look around!

Repeat: Everything here really IS perfect. The fraud, the killing, the
pollution, you name it. Why? Because, as Byron Katie would say, it is
happening. And, what else would spur us to question ourselves and all
reality as we are doing now?

I think it is perfect because it is creating the exact conditions that each
one of us needs to evolve into the highest potential that we can manifest.

The actual work of birthing the awareness and mass inhabitation of fifth
dimensional consciousness, beyond (having learned the lesson of ) duality,
is not only keeping the vision of a green, abundant, beautiful Earth in our
hearts, which does exist in multiple parallel dimensions. The actual work
is seeing that the frustrations right here are actually all part of the
bigger Plan, of the ultimate Perfection (which we have doubtless defined
incorrectly) , even if we don't see it, day by day. And living that truth.
That is it. Living the truth even if we don't see it. That is leaning on
the Tao. It is a daily life path, and a very challenging one at that.

The benefits of following this path radiate out to all who come in contact
with us, and at the energetic level, the benefits of peace, joy,
centeredness and celebration radiate out to all humanity and to all life,
and to all manifestation.

Sound biblical? Well, it is. Sound Buddhist? Well it is. This the the
beautiful I Ching prose talking about the unseen zig-zag path of the Tao.
This is it. Nothing new.

As we consider the collapse of civilization as we know it, we can choose to
react in the old way out of fear. Or we can magically make the leap to
connecting with our larger spirit, our true selves, also known as Manitou,
the Tau the Goddess, God, the Divine within us. We connect with higher
energy by practicing listening to that still small voice which everyone
hears within us, and for a change acting on what we hear rather than
shoving our intuitions down under a pile of rationalizations. Simple
process. Not easy. Gets easier with practice. We shall makes mistakes.
So what? We make mistakes anyway.

As we practice in this way, we may find that whatever physical work we are
called on to do will be suggested to us as we walk this basic path of
accepting the way of Spirit.

(To all: I have posted this on the site as well. I welcome comments at either site! Thanks!)
John B
You are truly wise and beautiful inspiration. These words resonate profound insight that are difficult to articulate. Thank You Trees.
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 20:32:35
Stunning post,Trees! I'm speechless.....(but never for long ;)
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 22:06:39
i liked what u said about the "small voice" .. its something i have stared to slowly understand .i cant always here it all the time or maybe its because i forgot how to hear it.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 05:51:49
[deleted user]
I've already read this over at the site, and reading it again, here, I'm still touched by your words Trees. Great post.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 15:05:28

I`ll echoe your words Shamanic "it is a great post"...I`ve read through several times to let it sink in...thank you Trees ,much love to you...through previous experience I know our spirit family and friends are watching our backs and are there for us when we really,genuinely need their help...we might not see what`s coming but they know you need to pay attention,listen ,raise your awareness and keep a clear helps them to help you :)
Thursday 3 March 2016, 23:24:18
Say, John, and Guzzibob! I am psyched about this...maybe you already read, but: Shamanic Engineering, who posts fairly often on this site, has just created a new chat site where it is possible to have more in-depth coherent conversations. It is just getting started but it would be great if you join. You can find the site at:…; Hope to see you there, and more here!
Monday 7 March 2016, 20:28:09
Trees! Are you aware of this program
going on in your area?… Anybody there saying anything?
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 03:35:23
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