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Why does it matter to know whether we are stationary [...]

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Why does it matter to know whether we are stationary and centered or spinning and shooting through infinite godless purposeless space? The illusion of the latter seems to create ignorant materialism. Please watch this wise and concise video. From the video commentary "NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS. YOU EITHER SERVE GOD OR YOU SERVE MONEY. SO THE BANKERS DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO HIDE GOD FROM YOU."…
irelands peace keeper
sorry andrea, wise and concise would not be the words i would use for that video. not one shred of evidence did it produce, this flat earth theroy is the tool of the elite as they are being exposed by the internet they are now trying to make the truht seeker seem foolish but no real truth seeeker believes the earth is flat. lies and deciet would be a better way to discribe this video.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 19:40:07
Peace keeper, it was no intention to produce evidence here. There is a lot of scientific information out there, not the pseudo science most are familiar with. The aim was to show the importance of this issue. Atheism and materialism are at the roots of the misery our world is in.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 19:58:11
Agreed flat earth another rabbit hole you have flat earthers and round earthers fighting now its like another religion divide and rule everywhere
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:02:03
irelands peace keeper
Andrea it took them years to come up with a very convincing story, they talk about two suns and the earth turned up at the edges, but if you believe the earth is flat then it will be flat for you, why has really only hit the masses now, this is a major distraction technique by the dark elite, this has all the trade marks of the dark elite, as jason mentioned another divide and conquer, another way to make the real conspiracies look untrue. they thought the earth was flat 1000,s of years ago, they also thought the sun and the moon were gods.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:29:17
It has been out for a very long time. Books have been written for more than decades. They have been ridiculed. It has probably come out more prominently now because of the internet and because everything is coming out. The time for truth has come. There are going to be more things that want out, shocking things. I understand why you may think this is the dark elite's job, I thought it myself before I looked into it. I know this topic is not welcome in The Full Circle Project so I will certainly not overpost.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:43:30
irelands peace keeper
if the earth is flat, the moon must also be flat and the sun must also be flat, and all the other planets are flat, i have seen the videos and they did make me think, oh what a bunch of clever bullshit, alot of those posting the flat theory i never heard of them on youtube before and those who i heard of i had questioned about their position many years ago
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:45:28
irelands peace keeper
i am not speaking on the behalf of anybody but myself, all topics are welcome but please provide concrete evdience before claiming something to be true. love and peace IPK
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:48:28
irelands peace keeper
ok lets say the earth is flat, what shape is it, is it circler, square, tri angle, retangle oval, hecagon,
Thursday 3 March 2016, 20:55:31
It seems to be a dics shape the magnetic north pole in the middle. You want concrete evidence. If I knew you were seriously interested I could share my observations but I think I just want to recommend reading a book or watching a video book by Eric Dubay: 200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball. It has a lot of evidence. That is enough for now. I dont want this theme to divide anybody. I am not going out on the street and tell people the earth is flat, either. That would be stupid. I feel that there may be some people in this forum who will resonate with my share. Blessings, A
Thursday 3 March 2016, 21:15:21
irelands peace keeper
lets take it back to 1881 the bedrock level experiment by samuel rowbotham, this is where the modern day flat earther society has come from, even tho this experimnet was proven wrong by modern methods the flat earth theory has again flourished today. and it will bve all the same bullshit all over again
Thursday 3 March 2016, 21:24:43
irelands peace keeper
if the earth is flat how deep is it, what stops the dirt and rocks falling off the underneath, water seeps into the ground,what stops the water from seeping thro and driping out the underneath. anyway have a wonderful day/night love and peacre IPK
Thursday 3 March 2016, 21:35:37
Thursday 3 March 2016, 21:35:38
Lorraine H
All the proof you need to know the earth is flat is your five senses. Took me sometime to realize it but as a child I always wonder why can't I feel the earth move nor see it moving, if we in fact live on a spinning globe. The question is why the lie for so long. I heard of many different theory to the kind of flat earth we live on, Some might be true, some might be a lie, but as for we the people living on a flat earth, my senses tell me we do.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 21:46:48
Unless you're circumnavigating the world this issue is totally irrelevant. I suspect it is Christians trying to prove a literal bible in which case you might next discover four elephants are holding the flat earth up and the elephants are standing on four turtles. Focus on stuff that matters
Friday 4 March 2016, 05:38:41
Friday 4 March 2016, 13:02:09
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