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Not going to read the thorough Keshe investigation details. It [...]

Oregon House, California
via Prepare For Change
Not going to read the thorough Keshe investigation details. It is just NOT a surprise. The technologies we select for our children, ourselves and Terra's golden age are easy-to-use and fast to implement for the people. Nothing potentially dangerous or with a hidden agenda. For sure, nothing that can blow to our face. When I read in the manual pdf that you should make sure to be in a good mood or conscious around the device, had to laugh and rule it out. Whoever sells a product also needs to be concise and understandable. Let it be known to Farengis. We will use discrimination and intuition in our selections. There is always a choice... Oh, and one more thing. Tesla should hire female engineers and product managers. Their exquisite cars are for guys. No mother is going to drive her kids on a little vacation with the potential of being stuck on a highway or has time to research where to charge before leaving. Just not practical. Would not you say, Goddesses???
Technology with ease and grace please THANK YOU!
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