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Hi everyone! I wanted to get some of your opinions [...]

Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
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Hi everyone! I wanted to get some of your opinions on this. My country's government recently banned an important alternative news website, The Malaysian Insider over "national security" concerns. I can still access the website via proxy but I wish to raise the issue of free speech. Apparently, one minister thinks that free speech is a privilege, not an absolute right (Link here:…). I beg to differ. I believe that free speech IS a right. It is our right to criticize, poke fun or merely comment on an issue. If someone thinks we have gone too far, they can use their right to criticize us! Sadly, there is way too much censorship everywhere. What are your thoughts on this?
"Do no harm".....if harm is being caused, by all means fight against it with action and shouldn`t be censored,if anything our govts should be censored to just doing the job of running our countries in an ethical way to keep them ticking over to hand on to the next generation in a healthy state of well being for all things
Saturday 5 March 2016, 02:48:29
[deleted user]
I agree with you Augustine, the freedom of speech and expression is an inalienable right. "Do no harm" is a good motto. In my opinion, the only valid use for government is the exercise of force, specifically exercising potentially violent force against those who would do harm to another. I only support the notion of negative law, or prohibiting of certain behaviors, and only with regard to harming another. For example, I think we can all agree that rape, robbery, and murder are behaviors that should be legislated against, and those that commit such acts should be removed from society, violently if they resist. We delegate responsibility to the government to wield a weapon; everything government does, it does with a weapon in hand, whether that be domestic or national defense. I also see reform of individuals who commit acts such as those identified above differently, I don't feel that putting people in cages, or killing them, is necessarily always the correct approach to justice. What we have in the world today is so far from this, I don't even recognize a name by which to know it, authoritarian doesn't quite capture my feelings about our current governments, it's pure insanity.
Saturday 5 March 2016, 03:31:03
[deleted user]
Guzzibob and Ted, thanks for replying to my post. "Do no harm" should be the rule-of-thumb when we voice out our opinion, otherwise it is mere abuse of our right to free speech. I am seeing these measures being put in place as dissent against the Prime Minister increases over time. Malaysians have long been fed up with the rampant corruption, and it doesn't help that free speech is even being cracked down on the Internet.
Saturday 5 March 2016, 07:24:43
Right vs privilege a key crux and one that binds way too many people to rules and regulations that should simply be ignored as the bad ideas they are. A privilege is something acquired by an inferior of a superior. We're all humans making this up as we go along so who the buggers is this supposed 'superior' one granting privilege? The courts should only be available for individuals with claims on others for harm or damage- NOT for governments (corporations) to enforce their rules and regulations!
Saturday 5 March 2016, 08:12:10
[deleted user]
Very well thought out opinion Amanda. To my mind, there are no superiors, we are each and every one the superiors, and we retain all privileges, rights, and responsibilities, and that gets to the crux of my observation. The only valid use for government is providing for 1) legislation to define "bad" behaviors; 2) police powers to apprehend perpetrators of heinous crimes; and 3) judicial proceedings to prosecute and resolve violations of conduct. There is no reason today why this has to be in any one form, I am personally against representative, top-down government. It should be obvious to everybody by now that parliaments and congresses serve only themselves and their cronies. I think a cooperative government comprised of all of the people of this planet who wish to participate could serve in these roles more effectively than any of the old paradigms. Augustine, this seems to be a trend that is sweeping the globe right now, people are fed up with their governments, their representatives, their kings, the prime ministers, the presidents, the potentates in all their forms. The governments are recognizing this and becoming afraid of the people, with the results being more and more draconian legislation, orders, and action directed at the very people they allegedly "serve". It's time for a global revolution, as we all become aware of the corruption and misdeeds, this is happening at the level of our consciousness, or our awareness of the real problems. It's time to put these little dough balls out on the street and force them to find real jobs, while we resume control of the management of our lives.
Saturday 5 March 2016, 18:38:14
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