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thinking of ways to get the land back to the [...]

Sebastopol, California
via Ubuntu Planet
thinking of ways to get the land back to the people without the money magic transfer... once the access becomes available i see a huge surge in contributionism.. we just need something to call our own...any thoughts on how this can be accomplished?
Donated land and prefab homes for current homeless, families/individuals living in poverty, and really anyone that needs a home. If someone already owns land and a house, then after the collapse of the economy, their loans could be "forgiven" and they retain their property. With no debts owed to anyone, people would feel more generous to donate to other community members. The debt and financial system need to go.
Saturday 5 March 2016, 19:00:11
I'm with you thank you for the responce...standing at the ready on this side many seeds and tools...
Saturday 23 April 2016, 03:30:17
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