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I would love for this initiative to blast off. James [...]

Eglinton, New South Wales
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I would love for this initiative to blast off. James Corbett from the Corbett Report on youtube has been a great source for news and up to date commentary. Newsbud is a news report with a grass roots accumulation of reports from the public at large. A great assay of information for one's perusal. Have a look! Support alt media "Newbud"……
I think this is a brilliant initiative and I know the people involved have been working really hard to put this together. I have faith in these people and I really hope it gets going, but so far the kickstarter has been slow to get the funding together. Trouble is, people have no money these days. I can't donate. All I can do is try to promote it, and hope that more people who do have a bit more money will see it's worth and donate something. Remember......even $5 makes a difference!
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 10:52:39
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