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<3 This is our chance to come together <3 We invite [...]

Bennekom, Gelderland
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This is our chance to come together

We invite you to join us in the WORLD PEACE PULSE this Fri/Sat/Sun 11/12/13 March 2016
We provide an online space to come together SIMULTANEOUSLY at:
- 09:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)
- 12:00 pm (noon) EST (Eastern Central Time)
- 06:00 pm CET (Central European Time)
- 10:30 pm IST (India Standard Time)
PLEASE JOIN US HERE at the above time:

We also host our daily meditations here to speed up the transformation of this world at:
- 01:00 pm EST for the Global Unification of Earth and all Beings
- 02:00 pm EST for the Liberation of Humanity and the Full Disclosure of all hidden information

We also have a skype channel to chat and come together:

(*) This is our chance to make a change, together as one (*)
I'll be there :)
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 20:55:04
Thursday 10 March 2016, 07:59:55
noe joe
Alright guys, this is tomorrow! I will be meeting friends this Saturday can have a good time with them and we will be elevating the energies together creating harmony within our minds and hearts and more connections. Join us whether you're alone or with many. Whichever way you will not be alone as we will be sharing our energies together and you will feel us, humans, higher counsciencness, gurus, starseeds ....
Thursday 10 March 2016, 08:05:47
noe joe
Whatever ;)
Thursday 10 March 2016, 08:05:55
Monday 2 May 2016, 04:48:15
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