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Look inside, Listen and Find, Society has gone awry, aluminum [...]

Nevada City, California
via The Full Circle Project
Look inside, Listen and Find, Society has gone awry, aluminum rains from the sky, Too distracted to open our eyes, We've been told, We've been sold, a boiling crock pot of lies, Fascism under a democratic disguise, Consume! Flee from the cities hacking on the fumes! Consume! Technocracy rising to bring about our doom. Consume! 'Till there's nothing left of me or you. Consume! Is this really what we want to do? Health, Utility, Media, Currency, all private sectors, demanding their fees, The greatest price to pay, is dependency, Wake now, from your apathy, Bound in debt, manufactured consent, enslavement the intent, print the money, outside the county, and divert the will, with unjust cunning.

Off to wander yet again, The wanderer knows no rest, Riding through storming cities, Faces melt into one, Chasing cycles of the sun, As below, So above, as the stars dance, to the beat of the soul, Know thyself, know thy role, Love is the rhythm to that goal, As above, So Below, Wandering souls, In storms we're thrown, Heed the balance of the flow, In your primal thirst to know, we reap what we sow, Rise in your power, as we approach the final hour, Hold onto love, Know who you are, And what you're made of, As below, So Above.

Children of tomorrow, Heed the words of yesterday, Your ancestors have spoken, and in your heart they stay, See the system's broken, Babylon is falling, Hear the people rising, The coins of debt, are bluffs that set, The fearful game, Of Fascist aim, Divide and conquer, No, Unite and prosper!
Are you haunted by the truth? Do not slave to the lying few, Embrace your culture, Embrace your art, Live by what's right, in your heart. Children of tomorrow, React not in fear, Act in love, find the cure, You are but a mirror, So keep you culture near, Children oh so dear, Children who will hear...

Discord arose again in Egypt, Israelites exiled in contempt, for blinding the world with light of the sun, Illuminating their own image, of what man should succumb, Worship of Atony, Clarity reflects their light to expose what is phony. Awake, Awake for Christ Consciousness's sake! Symbols of Heraldry, A distant bane to Druidry, symbols of advertisement, But lies and chastisement, Symbols of corporate,logos, For on that path the soul forgoes, Symbols of architectures, Formulas to stand eternally, past time's many fractures, Respond in Kind, embrace your inner light,Respond in kind, As you sleep, realize the light you bind, Lo! Respond in kind! To expose their shadows, From their own light, to shine in plain sight!

I spread this spell through the web of inter-telepathy, over the ripples of time, may echoes resound amongst hearts as pure, as the intent of this rhyme! In Lak'ech.
Æcho See
Transcendent rhymes brother. We need to get you some beats and a mic haha :D
Thursday 10 March 2016, 03:21:41
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