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Hi everyone, I have been under the radar over the [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Hi everyone, I have been under the radar over the past four months due to unforeseen problems but have now resurfaced. The occult agenda does not take breaks and is whizzing forward at an astounding rate. While we sleep this little gnomes are busy redesigning our world and us and yet we do nothing except ponti ficate. The question that we all should be asking is 'what to do'? If we do nothing we consign the future to an Elite that do not give a toss about us or it seems the Planet! Anything that we do must be global and it must be radical. To think that we can simply talk our way into a brighter future is nothing but fantasy. Our actions must be out of the box and will be tough, there is no easy solution to our problems as they are deeply entrenched within the paradigm that we exist in. I suggest actions that will disrupt the financial structure as finance is the Elite's greatest tool. Over the last few decades we have incrementally let the State take control of our wealth through first of all forcing employers to pay salaries through cheques. This forced the masses to get Bank accounts then through good propaganda people started to use credit cards which would entice them into personal debt while Governments carried on borrowing off the Banks using their populations as surety. We now face the prospect of a cashless society which will destroy every last vestige of freedom that we have yet the solution is in our hands if we but opened our eyes. We must start to get real and realize that we have power and that by taking our acceptance of the Elite's power base away from them we stop them dead in their tracks. Before the advent of the cashless society we have to act. We must use the web-site to promote the use of cash and to influence people to not use the Banking system. Of course I have just upset most people who are going to read this as they inter-act with the criminal system daily and feel that they will have some discomfort if they stop using it. Well, yes we will feel some discomfort but isn't that better than allowing all of our freedoms and rights to be taken away? Everything that the Elite do to control us is only happening because we let them so let us fight back and refuse them this power, we all need to wake up!
Hi Tony I agree non compliance with the banksters is a major goal we should be aiming for. An alternative bank would be an awesome development in this area. Use of barter and alternative currency like bitcoin would also help. Shopping at markets and just living simply we should be doing already. But to haven an effect I think we need an information platform to reach the public stay tuned I will be posting on this shortly. Good to see you back Tony
Thursday 10 March 2016, 10:46:06
tony a
Hi Carey, we met on Samui a while ago and I hope that all is well with you. I have had major complications over here and am trying to find a way to escape. I have had to go deep underground it sucks but anyway, I finished my album and am having it mastered at the moment if you would like to hear a preview track send me an email and I will attach one for you, take care, yours Tony.
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 03:11:22
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