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Love and Light to all! If you may be wondering [...]

Sparks, Nevada
via Prepare For Change
Love and Light to all! If you may be wondering about some things you can do to help the community and people around you, here are a few things I've been doing that are fun and exciting: making orgone energy items (you can do searches to find lots of info) for gifts and placing around the area. I recently gave a small amount to a local hospital. I also introduced them to a book called Quantum Touch which teaches beginners how to use their bio-energies to physically HEAL instead of just treat patients. A major part of this book is using your LOVE as an energy. I highly suggest reading this book if you want to directly impact everybody around you. One last thing, I've been making copies about THE EVENT and this website and posting them on boards at coffee shops and local stores! Have fun and Love to All!
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