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Michael Tellinger! Dr.Steven Greer is very well educated about the [...]

Richmond, California
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Michael Tellinger! Dr.Steven Greer is very well educated about the Black Budged and the technologies it has created both good and negative. One of witch is the ability to use the cosmos as a sourse of energy. A talk bettween the two of you would be amazing, and maybe a boost to our quantom shift. Looking forward to it!
Hello - during the beginning of my process of awakening, I too looked at Steven Greer's efforts at bringing about "disclosure" and all that. I found the faces on Mars and all of the images of Saturn to be profoundly captivating and even went so far as to compile hours of research and study to others who may be interested. I also have a great documentary by Jay Weidner called "Kubrick's Odyssey that shows how the Moon landings were staged by Stanley Kubrick (also in the documentary "Room 237") to show that there is a much more sinister agenda involved here . It wasn't until my full investigation into all of this that I discovered that the whole space program by NASA is an entire fraud. Check out the ISS is a hoax… and make your own conclusion. Once you understand the deception taking place, you may want to look at the whole "Flat Earth Theory" by such luminaries as epic researcher Eric Dubay. I'm sorry to have to say, but it now looks to me that guys like Steven Greer are total frauds and the whole thing about other planets is total bullshit. I know that sucks to hear something like that from a total stranger and you can easily take me for some type of disinfo shill, but I do recommend that you do your own investigative research before you continue to swallow this guy's horseshit nonsense any further. do look into the Flat Earth and stay objective. It's pretty amazing and worth your time I assure you.
Tuesday 12 April 2016, 21:08:12
Have looked into the flat earth. Watch the following links and pay close attention to the flat earth horseshit and deceptive postulations exposed. Please, do not offer me sites with 200 more garbage reasons to look into. If you can explain the obvious and easily verifiable reasons these videos postulate, from a flat earth perspective, then I'm all ears.……

I'm not 100% sold that Greer isn't a fraud, but I have determined that the evidence he has compiled, including a shit ton of credible witnesses, combined with the crop circles and mass sightings, gives him and his organization far more credibility than flat earthers and that our attention is deserved.

Sunday 2 October 2016, 06:34:24
Also, concerning Greer, I have been in contact with Ed Becnel, the U.S. free energy ambassador and Starr McKinnon, the U.S. coordinator, whom have informed me, recently, that they have been in contact with Greer and that they have asked him if he'd be interested in a collaboration.

This playlist highlights most of the free energy devises that Becnel is recommending the movement attempt to develop:…

Hopefully, some of the great inventors, from these models, can meet Greer's requirements and will be willing to open source.

Sunday 2 October 2016, 06:45:24
Freeman - I'm not exactly sure how to respond to your comments so I'll start with the Free Energy bit. While I would like to know more about free energy and how to utilize it myself, there is so much censorship, suppression and control over it that its gonna take a massive paradigm shift in human consciousness to get there first. Remember the water powered car?… Why isn't this being implemented? What about all the other Free Energy patents that are out there but aren't available somehow? Those are rhetorical questions by the way and I could tell you why we don't see them now in 2016, but that would be pointless and I suspect you already know the answer anyways. Which leads me to my quandary on how to reply to your first questions regarding flat earth. I suppose I should ask you first hand - did you bother with the I.S.S. Hoax video as posted above? Did you watch the whole thing? Does this not appeal to your rational common sense in some way? I should also mention, that there was a point just a few years ago that I was close to where you are now. I was looking into Richard Hoagland's faces on Mars and Moon bases and all sorts of stuff along those lines. Steven Greer's crop circle phenomena and UFO based research were also of interest to me as well, but I started having issues when a lot of stuff just did not hold up to close scrutiny (I'm not denying their existence but the explanations for them). Now here's the thing: after researching all the claims by NASA and looking into the Moon Landing hoax claims by those that say its a fraud, I can only view the evidence objectively and see that, yes - there is some serious deception going on here. If you are a real seeker of Truth, you should always keep in mind that "Truth fears no investigation". That being said, I came across the videos of Bart Sibrel - "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon"… and "Astronauts Gone Wild"…. Watch them objectively if you can. Can you see how there's something really not right here? Can you also see the Freemason's symbology at use here as well and their involvement in the Space Program? There is way more to all of this than you can possibly know at the stage you are at which brings me to Flat Earth so let me try to show you where I'm coming from. Like you, I first came across the idea almost two years ago and was pretty much rolling my eyes just like you must have done when the idea first came to you too. My first question was "Why is somebody doing this and putting this out there?" I mean, how can someone prove the earth is flat when we all know it is round? Just like the videos you posted, I've seen more than my fair share just to reinforce and prove to myself that the whole idea is nonsense and see what the angle to this 'obvious psy-op' might be. But I kept researching things along the lines of the videos I posted above and was seeing new perspectives on this. The truth was being slowly revealed and the hypnosis was starting to wear off. I kept being persistent in my questioning and it was only because I went through the process incrementally that I was able to see the truth for what it was and now it is obvious to me. See, that's the thing of it. You need to go through the process of deprogramming all the bullshit that you were told by a bunch of master con artists and it can be quite uncomfortable when you see the deception for what it is. Now, at this point I should really make the disclaimer that I actually have no vested interest in trying to CONvince you of anything here so that you will beLIEve me, and I really don't care if you dismiss me as a crazy person, troll, dis-info agent or whatever. I have no dog in this fight as it were. Either you will start to see that we are being played or you will just go ahead and keep beLIEving the lies we are told by the assholes at NASA. I mean, don't you think I went and did the same thing and asked a million questions as to how this can be? Here's a couple of things you should ponder if you haven't done so already:
If the earth is round, how do gyroscopes work?
Water seeks it's own level, so how do all the rivers flow in different directions?
Where is the curvature? Where?…
Why don't lakes have tides?
Why is gravity (magic velcro) so selective?
How come we don't feel the effects of living on a round spinning ball?
How come planes don't have to course correct every so many miles so they don't fly into space? (Yes, I saw the video where they show the orange peel sliced and that's utter bullshit, sorry)
How come the Moon and the Sun seem to be both the same size? (Because they are)
How come the Antarctic treaty still holds up among ALL the nations involved and no civilian expedition is allowed to go there? There are no flights over the "poles" because they don't exist.
If you don't want me to send you 200 links and can't be bothered to take the necessary time it takes to deprogram yourself from the bullshit, then I can't help you. Either you investigate and take the time (SLOWLY - incrementally, like coming up up from deep submersion so you don't get the 'bends') or you can choose to stand in ignorance. Up to you. For what it's worth, I will share two links instead of 200 that might help with your investigation (from Eric Dubay):
The World's Biggest Secret:……
Anyways - I've taken a big chunk off time from my day to respond to your query so I do hope that you seek the truth objectively without bias. Best of luck to you. - Rob

Tuesday 4 October 2016, 00:37:43

1. You surely are invested in both convincing me and saving face, if evidenced by nothing else but your lengthy reply.

2. I’m well aware that organizations, such as NASA, have doctored photos and are keeping secrets from the public, this, however, does not mean that we are living on a flat earth in the most elaborate hoax ever known to man. For what purpose? Have you considered that flat earth's might doctor or distort evidence?

3. You probably should have used your time to watch the videos I sent, which total under 15 minutes, and explained them from a flat earth perspective, instead of doing exactly what I asked you not to do, while also trying to convince me, with every word written, that somehow we’ve all been convinced the earth is a globe, when in fact it’s not, while you are so much further along in your deprograming. The videos I sent contain INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that the earth is a globe, which cannot be explained from the flat earth model. It also details deceptive or flawed logic of the flat earth theorists. Please, if you’ll respond, watch and respond to these videos.

4. I’ve seen enough evidence which can be explained by both models, cannot be independently verified or was illogical or intentionally deceptive, and do not want to waste my time with this any more, which I thought I was clear on. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You are attempting to debunk the mainstream view. You are the one who, as you indicated, will be viewed as the crazy person, troll, shill, or whatever, not me. Therefore, I suggest the burden of proof rests with you. Again, the information in the video I sent has been and can be easily and INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED and cannot be explained from a flat earth.

5. What about all the mass sightings, video evidence, testimony that Greer has gathered and crop circles?
Tuesday 4 October 2016, 01:42:45
You misunderstand me. I'm not trying to CONvince you of anything as I have already stated. Only the Truth which is self evident can do that, and if you refuse to investigate with an open mind and without bias, then anything else I say is meaningless. I'm also not concerned with "saving face" as you put it, since there is no open forum for me to suffer the form of embarrassment where I'd lose the respect of others whom I was trying to impress. You are a total stranger and I don't know you, so it's just you and me here on this thread from what I can tell. Who am I trying to impress and look good in front of? You? My lengthy reply was derived from sharing the Truth that I know to a complete stranger because that is what I am morally obligated to do, and I have fulfilled that duty to the best of my ability under the circumstances. In other words, I have shown you something and put it into your field of awareness just like planting a seed. If you start to grow, maybe I can help some more by giving you water (knowledge from sources of info in this analogy) if you truly want to see what you might be missing, and if you don't start to grow; I'm not going to stick around and wait to see if you do a season later but instead, move on to the next field and plant more seeds. In your case, you are being arrogant about it, and I really don't care what you choose to beLIEve in. If you want to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny or Baby Jesus, go right ahead! Don't let me stop you! But you are not being honest with yourself and doing a true investigation as evidenced by your ignoring my whopping TWO whole links in response to a complex subject that takes a slow process to get over, which you just can't be bothered to take the time with. Well, good luck to you then sir, and have fun with your round spinning ball. The Freemasons are having a good laugh at your expense. Keep in mind: "It's easier to fool people then it is to convince them they've been fooled" - Mark Twain
BTW: I've already seen those deceptively disingenuous videos you linked, but you didn't even read my post (since I already acknowledged the existence of crop circles and UFO's) or look at the two links I sent, so I am now moving on as per your wishes of not wasting anymore of your precious time.
Wednesday 5 October 2016, 21:59:09


I assure you, I am seeking truth and could provide you with anecdotal examples of my past investigations and “deprogramming”, as you have, although I find that to be a waste of time.

You seem to be searching for truth yourself and I have, therefore, watched the vids you’ve sent my way, although I find it very difficult to believe you’ve actually watched the one’s I provided, or this confusion, OF YOURS, should have been resolved. The vids you’ve sent contain just exactly what I expected them to, illogical claims, deceptions and a complete lack of substantial evidence or proof that the earth is flat. You can keep your seeds, which I’d liken to seeds of Monsanto, thanks. I can spell out the many reasons your flat earth claim is misguided, yet that seems like an awful waste of my time. Tell you what, you answer this single question below, with reason and logic, from a flat earth perspective, and I’ll do just that.

Why are there different stars, that rotate around the north poler axis, visible to observers in the northern hemisphere, compared to what stars observers see, each night, in the southern hemisphere, rotating around the south poler axis?

Btw, there is at least one other person in this thread and anyone who clicks on your profile or mine on this site will see a history of our communications. This was the only reason I ever found your misguided post, as I was researching what the other member of this thread has communicated here.

Also, you might attempt to use separations between the words you string together, otherwise known as paragraphs, in future communications. This, along with order and logic, may make your messages more easily read and understood.

One last thing, concerning crop circles and UFOs, which I did see your comment about btw. You claim that you acknowledge the existence of them, yet you disagree with the origins. Please, elaborate on this further. Also, again, what about all the credible witnesses Greer has taken testimony from?
Thursday 6 October 2016, 22:30:45
That was a fun read;)
Tuesday 2 May 2017, 03:42:21
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