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Greetings & salutations Everyone... And thank you for contacting UBUNTU USA. [...]

Eugene, Oregon
via Ubuntu - United States
Greetings & salutations Everyone...

And thank you for contacting UBUNTU USA. Both Michael Tellinger & I sincerely appreciate the time you have invested to find your way here.

Regarding your offer to help, YES there is something you can do immediately! Please allow me to elaborate:

"One of the first questions people ask once they have come to grips with UBUNTU Contributionism is –how do we get there? How do we go from here to there? Because I want to be there now! I want to live in this world you talk about! The other things people want to know is: How can I get involved –what can I do? Everybody needs to know about this!

The first thing that everyone can do is talk about it. Tell everyone you know or meet about UBUNTU Contributionism this bright light of hope at the end of the dark and gloomy tunnel. Tell everyone as much as you know and plant the seeds of consciousness in their hearts and minds. Even if they do not understand it at the time, or if they don’t really want to hear your message of hope, that does not matter. Because once they have heard it, they cannot un-hear it. It is forever imprinted in their hearts and minds.

This is a critical part of our strategy. Planting the seed of consciousness and a sense of knowing in everyone’s lives, even if it dwells in their subconscious for a while."

So, Where To From Here?

If you have not already done so activate your participation on a collaborative level: the FIRST STEP is to join us on the global connector for the USA Circle as well as your regional area. This will put you in touch with like minded people who are resonating with the Contributionism Philosophy. We will be regularly posting updates which will allow everyone to see the progress we are making in real time.

We would like you to know more about the specifics of UBUNTU as a practical application in everyday living: so the SECOND STEP is to read Michael Tellinger’s ebook if you have not already done so: This will provide the means to become intimately familiar with the philosophy encoded in Contributionism, a blueprint for Human Prosperity.

Here’s the link for those who want a paper book:…

What to expect next? We’ll have both a website & a Facebook profile that will be focused exclusively on UBUNTU USA activities & information about the upcoming UBUNTU USA Congress, to be held in the Fall of 2016.

Also check out the following websites:

In resonance & unity,
Michael Sunseri
National Coordinator
Ray K
Michael S. , This is Ray Keiser from Lodi WI. There is currently a Facebook Page running for Ubuntu USA, will that group continue to run as is or will there be a new one started? Also I believe there is quite a large number of people / groups that go to that page for updates, has anyone been in touch with that page to let them know about the opportunity to sign up on ?
Friday 25 March 2016, 17:57:33
Michael S.
Ray, from what I understand all attempts to date to connect with the owners of that Facebook page have received no reply.
Saturday 26 March 2016, 05:58:02
Ray K
Will there be or is there already a new Face Book page that we should be connecting with ?
Wednesday 20 April 2016, 22:34:39
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