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What can we think of this article ? The astral plane [...]

Montivilliers, Normandie
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What can we think of this article ?……

The astral plane has been cleared of all Archons.

All Draco groups who have chosen not to deprogram have been removed from the galaxy

An outer-perimeter has been formed around the sector to stop groups from casually observing and to stop malevolent groups from intervening.

This planet is the last holdout of the Draco Federation and they are not giving it up easily. Over the last few days various negative groups have been running suicide missions into the sector.

A positive Atlantean group that has been in the sector for 10,000 years has deprogrammed and is ready to make contact.

Motherships are beginning to enter into the atmosphere in order to wake people up from their programmed reality. They will be cloaked during the day and uncloaked at night.

First contact protocol has been initiated and is beginning with dream time experiences.

New-born babies are being smothered in North and South Korea in order to stop the flow of psychic children who are reincarnating. The Order of the Star is intervening.

There is currently a clearing of darkhat hackers across the world.
Brilho de Estrela
A luz vencerá e Gaia se libertará...pois despertos estamos em busca da ascensão!
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 23:56:10
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 02:10:01
Thanks Elanor....I feel and See our Stellar Families with a much great frequency....which unfolds in accordance ,,,similarly with my ability to like myself...thoughts feelings beliefs actions INTENTIONS ,,,,I am holding a deeper level of sacred space ,,,,love honor respect forgiveness understanding loving kindness than ever before....I know EVERYONE IS Me ....when a woodpecker Me comes along ,,,I can smile,,not engage,,,send love ,,,,Hold space,,,like me,,,,Its more Fun.

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 02:10:01
Eleanor, we are part of the ascension process, the Light will win, is winning, and these events are occuring , mySellar Familiy told me so! Be happy!!!
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 13:07:29
In My heart i feel that our time is almost here...we need to celebrate in honor of the galactic federation of light and humanity itself when everything is finished...But on that not...i'll be the one hosting the celebration :-)
Thursday 17 March 2016, 03:43:33
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