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Clogherboy Park, County Meath
via World Citizen Solutions
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the nature of the cage......we will not get out from that cage before we understand that we are builders of it by our limited perception of our selfs and the creation of our selfs which we call life
Sunday 20 March 2016, 20:05:10
irelands peace keeper
Sunday 20 March 2016, 20:08:40
[deleted user]
Well said Janta, glad to see you back my friend. We are the builders of our reality, we choose to go along with whatever scheme, scam, and strawman sham they throw at us. Pull yourself out of the system, stop participating in this nonsense, take control of yourself, become responsible to only yourself. I did not watch this video, I don't have hours and hours to sit around and watch videos all day, I'm busy taking my own advice. I'm interested in connecting with other people on this site who are also interested in taking action, not sitting here and using it like another useless Twitter / Social Media infotainment hub.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 22:06:56
I did watch the video and found it to be quite informative and educational. I appreciate current relevant information thankyou Ireland. When I want to connect I go to the circles. When I want to keep up to date I go collaborate. Isnt that how the site is designed
to work?
Monday 21 March 2016, 00:53:26
[deleted user]
Perhaps Carey, but I'm not sure if we can call the endless stream of YouTube videos that get posted here "collaboration". I've been guilty of it too, honestly, but I'm not sure that it's really doing anything useful. It's not my place to tell people how to use this site, but there seems to be precious little real action here, very little true dialog and collaboration, mostly it's just a lot of links and videos. If that's what people want to turn this site into, that's fine, it's a community site, and the community is free to do with it what they will. Sometimes though, I wonder if anyone has read through the wonderful information that has been put together under "The Full Circle Project" link at the top of the page. There is also a "Resources" link that contains a lot of very useful information, but it's rather stale. Perhaps more of these types of videos, such as the one we're responding under, would be better cataloged as a "Resource"? I'm not saying we shouldn't share information, or educate one another, we should. Before I came here, I had never heard of Max Igan, now that I am here, I'm curious, so I've been listening to his work, and I resonate deeply with his message, it is my message, I share his concerns, and I see the same solutions that he does. So how do we accomplish this? How do we collaborate, conspire, and act in the world in meaningful ways, and as a group? We've had a lot of good people come and go through here in the short time I've been here, mostly they just disappear, because nobody is really doing anything. Seems like a shame that so much good intention, and hard work, has gone into the building of this site, only to have it turned into an endless feed of videos and links. Perhaps I'm being too critical, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but is this really accomplishing anything? Or is it just making us feel good to seem like we're a part of a community that shares our views?
Monday 21 March 2016, 03:41:02
I think the videos and links fill a genuine need. The gravity of the conspiracy we face is so overwhelming it took me through a process first disbelief then shock to anger to hopelessness and eventually a conscious awareness that I must act. It has taken me many videos to get to the stage of knowing the conspiracy is real. Each of us need the space and time for it all to sink in especially the newcomers. I think the real work must be done on the ground via the circles. Effective action must happen largely offline so even when it does happen you may not see the results online, but the seeds may have been sewn here. I love this site I think we need to nurture it, as it is still in its infancy. We need to support each other where ever possible Thanks Shamanic for the tip on the FCP tab didnt know that was there, also thankyou for your ongoing wise counsel, you are a shining light
on this site, a true leader.
Monday 21 March 2016, 08:23:43
but everything has multiverse of reasons and ways to get your involvent in it. nothing is created for specific reason because every reason is always changing. i think that contribution here have to be free of all specific reasons......because in that way she will burst to endles reasons. see......when ebver you tray to make a border for are limiting your own expression. and i thing that this place have to do everything izt can to evolve exactly that. complete freedom of expression. only in that way you can come to difrent conclusions which will drag you to difrent views and manifestations of sames. will create again our moust profoundly known four walls and with pink floyd screaming the worsds of his poem the to all possibility my friend. live the chriple and old borders and walls behind you
Monday 21 March 2016, 16:39:45
irelands peace keeper
to Shamanic eng, you have the cheek to say to anyone about using this as a social media site as you are the one that has more post on this site than anyone, you statrted this in dec 2015 and you have 100,s of post up, now for someone to comment on a video they haven,t seen i would calkl them a clown a fool an ego controlled self centred person. how do you think you are, you say you are nbot in the place to tell someone how to use this site but thats what you do so your also a hypocrite, for someone who dosen,t have hours to sit and watch a video your sure havee plenty of time oin yoiur hands to post 100,s of times on this site, do not critize someone you know nothing about. if you don,t like what i post don,t read it, i don,t read any of your posts.
Monday 21 March 2016, 18:24:18
[deleted user]
Carey, thank you for your kind words, I'm not worthy of the praise, I've obviously just pissed on somebody's parade. You're right of course, the videos and links fill a genuine need, and I feel the meaning behind your words. The conspiracy is in everything we touch, it has no end, the world and our perception of it is managed in every regard within this culture. We must act, we must withdraw from this system, if we don't, it's going to eat us alive. I see precious few suggestions about how to do that, but I admit, I don't see everything that is going on behind the scenes, and you're also right about the fact that this must happen offline. Speaking for myself, I would like to see more of a collaborative effort on the site, with a sharing of ideas and methods to take action out in the real world. I understand that could be dangerous, and people are afraid, taking action in the world today, in the ways we need to act, will not be looked kindly upon by the state. Thank you for your wisdom, and patient counsel, it helps.
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 01:32:58
[deleted user]
As for you peace keeper, I admitted in my comment that I too have been guilty of this, I don't deny it. I'm questioning the usefulness of our actions, yours, mine, all of ours, in posting videos and links. Many of my posts have been an attempt at opening dialog through collaboration, I type fast, and it takes me less time to post that to watch a video. My observation is that this site seems to be a lot of posting videos and links. I'm wrong, maybe some need this more than others. You can call me a clown, or a fool, or any names you choose, I really don't mind if you resort to this level of discourse. You can criticize me for my posts, or how frequently I post, and you can shun me, refuse to read my posts, I really don't mind that either. I'm interested in interacting with people, working together, and trying to find ways through this mess we've created of the world. If you just need a punching bag to get out your frustrations, go right ahead and let it rage brother, sometimes that helps too. When you calm down, I'll still be here, waiting to work with you. It's nice to occasionally hear people give something original of themselves, some small window into their inner world, what their internal landscape looks like, what they see as the problems, and the solutions. You seem very angry, I'm sorry to have pressed that button.
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 01:39:32
i haven't watched the video yet but, i do think it's important to write what we feel and this site has helped me get closer to this. its like a diary that writes back to me.Everyone on here i just wanna connect with you and help you like you help me
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 02:50:03
irelands peace keeper
lets just clear a few things up here, i never called you a clown a fool or whatever else, i did say only a clown or a fool would comment on something they konw nothing about, and i am sticking by that, i never critizes your post i just i don,t read them, you say you want to intergrate with people on this site, thats great so don,t critize what they post, thats not intergration people thats disentegration of people, what business is it of yours and whom are you to judge, people learn and take in information in different ways, audio, visual, kinesthetic,. live and let live my friend. if you don,t like what i post just let it go and move on.
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 19:11:00
this site had so much potential.......
Monday 28 March 2016, 20:33:50
Justin Case
It still does Red - it just needs the right integrated campaign(s) to have it take off.
Friday 30 September 2016, 21:36:05
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