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A Day at Waypoint My mother loved butterflies. My understanding [...]

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A Day at Waypoint

My mother loved butterflies. My understanding of the butterfly effect is that small positive actions can and do cause massive waves of positive change. I couldn’t count the amount of butterfly decorations throughout our family home, nor could I count the amount of times my father would say, “That’s mom”, anytime we saw a butterfly outside after she passed away. Prior to my spiritual transformation on February 29th, I thought it was just superstition and that my father was “crazy”. As I’ve learned, the loss of a loved one heightens spiritual awareness like nothing else. When I awoke on March 1st, the first thing I saw on television was a news byte explaining that the Monarch butterfly population had skyrocketed by 255%. Since then my entire life has become a web of convenient “coincidences”. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Clearly my mother was elated that I finally woke up. I feel closer to her now than I have ever felt in my life.

C crashed into the Acute Assessment Unit like a fireball and immediately affected the overall atmosphere. The peace, happiness, calm, and serenity of the ward was shaken by her aggressive behavior. Her emotional deflector was charged to full strength as she verbally abused staff and threatened to flip tables. I knew she’d never be capable of hurting anyone but herself. The tension and stress she carried was almost palpable from across the room. It didn’t take long to break through her barrier to reveal the kind, loving, and beautiful person caged within. Our friend Austin’s spiritual healing workshop with songs and native drumming was instrumental, (pardon the pun). He was also conveniently in the right place at the right time to calm her down after one of her emotional outbursts.

C had been crashing into and rebounding off of the boundaries of her divine path for over a decade. She fought or ran from every peaceful and loving sign, afraid to face the deeper meaning and truth to her circumstances. Everyone reads and interprets divine signage differently, so I offered her an example of my own amazing positive experience properly reading and interpreting these signs. I thanked the Universe for compelling me to keep two coloring sheets, not yet knowing that I’d eventually need them to help kickstart C’s healing process.

C’s family symbol was the dragonfly. Dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness. When she and her family traveled to their place of power to spread her mother’s ashes, the biggest dragonfly they’d ever seen appeared in a place where dragonflies aren’t normally found. That’s a miracle if I do say so myself. The first coloring sheet I gave her featured butterflies and dragonflies in a symmetrical pattern, and the second coloring sheet was a butterfly/dragonfly hybrid. These coloring sheets evidenced the fact that everything happens for a reason, and that we were quite literally destined to cross paths. With a little bit of clutch divine assistance, C was able to properly interpret the signs that had been there all along and begin her healing process.
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