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The shift of cautiousness happens in each and one of us [...]

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The shift of cautiousness happens in each and
one of us by slowly paying more attention to what actually nourishes us,
makes us happy. And paying less attention to what is right/wrong told
by authority, have to, superiors order, company policy. We shifting
slowly from competition to cooperation. Instead of complaining about
what we do not like, we gradually start more and more talking what we do
like and looking for friendly faces to cooperate with.
Let us pass that time, when we was heavy light workers, pointing on
shortages of our life. And welcome new time, new start, where we are
light light workers and create together what we dream about.
[deleted user]
Yes I agree and thank you for all of your valuable posts Sylvester:) Its about focusing and putting our energy into what "WE" are doing NOW. It is our time to shine
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 22:13:19
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