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THE UNIVERSITY I went to learn So I could earn Played my role And [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester

I went to learn
So I could earn
Played my role
And lost my Soul

I could no longer
Critically think
My brain has gone
On the blink

Extortionate fees
They only do
What they please

Linked with pharma
Military, and oil
Its one big business
The Planet they spoil

Ruined minds
And stony hearts
Undo the damage
By intellectual farts

Unlearn and live
Be whole again
Just don’t go there
I’ll make it plain

Truth and Love
They just destroy
It is their plan
And dastardly ploy

Vivisection and money
Control and power
Scientific reduction
Of a flower

Independent thought
Is now nought
I was tricked
I was bought

Faith in the priest
From pulpit on high
The lecturer is
The apple of my eye

Programmed for work
Defending the system
Now I’ve lost
All my wisdom

Indoctrinated and boxed
Limited and dead
To the lions
I was fed

Scientists and Christians
So often alike
Dogmatic, with ego
And so hard to like

No parents to
Protect and guide
The university I paid
Destroyed me and lied

To the end
They never will
Be my friend

Love and logic
Both denied
May as well
Have my brains fried

Spirit killed
Too weak to resist
Drugged and mugged
Every night pissed

Cruelty to life
Is taught in class
Not Love and respect
Just ‘facts’ amass…

I must pass

The elders of Zion
Their protocols
Turn us into dummies
And well-trained trolls

Re-writing history,
Science, and art
Spiritual ideals
Are put in the dark

Thousands of unis
All over the globe
Professors and students
Developed a lobe

But is the world
Better off?
No! they don’t
Give a toss!

Courses and jobs
Benefit the world?
Only if
Truth’s unfurled

As cold as ice
They turn your heart
Of all this
I want no part

Don’t think for yourself
Don’t question at all
Believe in my dogma
Take drugs, have a ball

Materialism makes
Us all poor
In every sense
That’s for sure

Destroy the Spirit
Sever the Soul
That’s university’s
Major role

And certify
Make sure you
Live a lie

No science
No Soul
No heart
No mind
All they teach
Is to be unkind

Children of the government
Brought up to be pawns
But the New Age
Soon it dawns

Get back to our Source
Get on God’s course
Learn to be human
Destroy the illusion

Let go of ego
Be humble and kind
Think and feel
With heart and mind

Unlearning is hard
Prevention is best
Think for yourself
Your heart does the rest
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