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The other day I was asked by a family member, [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
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The other day I was asked by a family member, if I could go to Walmart and pick up some over the counter medication for them. I have tried on many of an occasion to enlighten them about the importance of not supporting these types of corporate regimes, but they are extremely dense and their programming runs deep. I am always one that believes things happen for a reason, so I said yes, with the thought of knowing I am supposed to experience something out of this. As soon as I walked in the store I immediately noticed the air was extremely toxic. As bad as the most powerful insecticides. It was very, very strong and concentrated. I got in line at the checkout, and the lines were moving extremely slow. I started observing all of the employees that I could see, and I realized they all looked severely ill. It broke my heart. Upon leaving, I knew that without any doubts I just witnessed a diabolical covert warfare in action.
Then I stopped at a health food store to get my surplus of bulk spices and herbs, and things got even weirder. When I was checking out I began to share with the cashier about how toxic the air was with chemicals in Walmart. She looked perplexed and then asked, “Were you by the medication?” I responded to her that the air in the whole store was contaminated. Again she look perplexed, but then she responded, “Oh... I know what you mean, like from all of the fabrics, clothes, and stuff.” I said, yes that is obviously part of the contributing factor. She then said to me in a very nervous and concerned voice, “Well where do you get all of your chemicals then?” I said these are the only chemicals that I use (pointing to the herbs and spices). Then she strangely began grinding her teeth as though she was angered and disgusted by me and from that point on she would not say another word. Western civilization has become the living version of, “The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.”
irelands peace keeper
Yes Zeemer, they will fight you to stay in that matrix, how dare you tell me how to live my life they will say and tell you to mind your own business, or there you are again going on about that sh..t, must of the people i work with are awake and this has a domino affect on other people, once we reach the critical mass, human resonance will complete the divine process.
Friday 25 March 2016, 07:23:09
I have not stepped foot in a Wal
mart since 2008
Friday 25 March 2016, 12:38:58
[deleted user]

Zeemer I like how you start conversation: from your own need for fresh air, that is observe able and sincere. But when you tell people about how you are because what you need , I would suggest that you with the speed of light make do able request. Other ways people feel irritated by complains have no idea why you talking and that stimulate thoughts accordingly how they feel by them self. I guess no one like to work there and if you see people tiered give them some empathy first, only then they will pay attention to you.
Friday 25 March 2016, 17:04:21
[deleted user]
Yes irelands peace keeper, the masses live seeking the illusion of security within a holographic lie that they mentally disguise as real li(f)e. But in reality they live in a cage that is not locked and all they have to do is get up and push on the door to be free. Security is without a doubt the opposite of freedom. A prison shows us this as it has the highest form of it, “Maximum Security.”
Friday 25 March 2016, 18:10:11
[deleted user]
Yes Chris
, it has been many years for me too. I took this as a calling for me to experience and learn something. One must first know the full mechanics to the problem, the good, bad, and ugly, before the problem can ever be solved.
Friday 25 March 2016, 18:10:40
[deleted user]
Sylvester as I stated, seeing what these people are forced to deal with just in order to survive, sincerely broke my heart. I knew conditions were bad there, but it has been sometime since I was last at a Walmart and even though I am one that never puts my head in the sand, I was still somewhat shocked by how blatant, corrupt, and deadly the system has become. That is why I consented to going there in the first place. To see where things are exactly at. The empathy that I left WM with was enormous. That is why when I went to the health store afterwards, I felt the need to connect with another being and share the blatant atrocity that I have just witnessed. It was attempt to share my empathy. But what I got was another verification of how dire things are. Things are not going to change until the mainstream masses begin to awaken. I am just trying my best to learn the dynamics and develop skills to help awaken those I individually come in contact with.
Friday 25 March 2016, 18:39:29
[deleted user]
"shocked by how blatant, corrupt, and deadly the system has become" - Zeemer Yeah that is really painful to sense and it seams negative and bad. Bad can not exist with out good (duality is illusion any way) lets look what is that we do like from this situation? We would like to see healthy environment and people there who are not coerced in to slavery, but voluntary participants who realize how important their contribution is for everyone(?) As long as we focus on what we do want sincerely from the heart, we get energy and power to put attention on and tackle situation. Creativity is ability to put different patterns together in a meaningful way as more people try with playful curiosity do that, as faster start development grow in the area of attention. People like improving life suggestions, because there is something they can do about it. I would give empathy to personal and tell them that there is people who gather on internet in order to help each other out. Regardless if you will joy us with contribution ore not. You need to know that some one care enough to make effort for a change. You can meet more people like me in FCP. Either way those people will be relapsed by robots automated system just because it is cheaper and more officiant that way. What a waist of human life to do machine job. No one believed that in the future horses will be jobless and no one believe that humans will be jobless. When we do what we desire, we feel like not working, we feel like we live. So lets translate negativity in to positivity and live. We need to be quite fast to adjust and adapt to what ever present life as take.
Friday 25 March 2016, 19:45:22
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