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I had a brilliant dream the other night which I [...]

Glossop, Derbyshire
via Prepare For Change
I had a brilliant dream the other night which I wish to share with all of you.
I was in a house with my wife and young son as I looked through the window
I saw quite a few Black Tornado's over the landscape all at the same time all were touching the ground and moving at the same time one was coming straight to wards us as, it past by the house without causing much damage to the house I could see at the base of the tornado which past close to us was this massive old strong looking tree, it had been ripped up out of the ground but what struck me about this big old massive tree was all the root system was still attached to to it and it was being carried away by this big black Tornado.
So I was wondering what this meant, what was old big and strong and has a big root system, then it hit me there is only one thing it could be the Cabal.
Anyone else like to have guess at what else this dream could have meant.
Brian M
Monday 28 March 2016, 02:39:37
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