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Yes, there is limited amount of people that one are [...]

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Yes, there is limited amount of people that one are able take care of. And one do that with equal consideration of everyones needs in clouding own. Like a cells in human body are fed equally, because all is one.
As I see there is no place for 'should' ore 'have to'. Because truth is what is and what should be is a fantasy, terrible lie, told to people long ago.

'Right' means one like it, 'wrong means one don't like it and 'should' means one wish ore would like to. So when some one tels you that you 'have to' do, because it is 'right' think, You correct person with: are you requesting me to do, because you like ore need...? Regardless what comes from persons head, it is always about that person and not about you ore others. Keep your self away from situation, when some one try to trick you in to submit ore revolt. Revolution or position on the top taken with violence, need to be guarded with violence, so where is the change? Demand we meet with consideration about persons needs, confirm feelings and check out how intention ore strategy are in harmony with our own needs. We never say 'No' to each other, but telling what need of ours keeps us from saying 'Yes'. When we consider everyones needs equally important, then we loose reason for “old good fight for the right”. Please dig it in people, because I need peace on this planet and every one of us. My sneaky strategy is to convert groups of people in a peaceful why to the level that they could have a good taste of it and realize all benefits, because that what makes people to join in to the “new” nonviolent culture.
Next will be Restorative Justice as a free choice beside existing punitive “justice”. Adjusting human activities in a life serving way with out punishing ore hating any one.
Next will be Schools where children would choose what they would like to learn by seeing how it enriches life for everyone.
Instead of vote, people will gather and participate voluntary, because of their needs. Even activist who trying to change something make same old mistake: they follow some ones blah blah.
Gather to gather everyones needs on the list and create strategy taking care of everyone, it is easier to accomplish that with small circles when one are able to focus on everyone (until we develop something better ore speak now)
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