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I just finished watching the new episode of Hidden Origins...and [...]

Grove City, Ohio
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I just finished watching the new episode of Hidden Origins...and I realized something...allow me to explain. I had recently been out of work, for about a month, and I had never felt more FREE! Except the fact that bills needed to be paid and the family needed fed. So I took a new job and I have never felt so enslaved. It is quite a depressing feeling.

I have actually been struggling to begin my own business, not wanting to work for someone else. But the noose was tightening. My family kept telling me that I needed to get a JOB. It isn't that I didn't want to work, I just didn't want to work FOR someone else.

You see, I have been in the plumbing trade for over 26 years, and I actually want to get out of it. But the perception of others around me is that this is all I am or ever can be. NONSENSE! It is a good skill to have, don't get me wrong, but there is this feeling inside of me that needs to expressed. And when I came across Michael Tellinger and his ideas and research I fell in love with it!

I have known for a long time about the "SYSTEM" and how it controls people, but never seen a way out of it, and then there it was...Ubuntu Contributionism. WOW! Now there is something to actually work towards.

I just received the book yesterday and have not had much time to get in it and read it. As soon as I am finished with this post I will begin. My shift is a later one today, so I have some time! I just wanted to express here among like minded people where I am in the process and give my thanks to Michael Tellinger for inspiring me to work for a better future for everyone.
Monday 28 March 2016, 14:00:43
The beauty of this, is that when people start to get this free spirit feelings, ideas start to pop up! and the will to make them real also appears. Love for everybody
Monday 28 March 2016, 14:47:20
If you're willing to take another step towards freedom, visit They can help you remove yourself from the tyranny of the debt system we are enslaved to. Be free!
Monday 28 March 2016, 19:39:45
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