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can anyone relate or interpret this type of awakening?? [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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can anyone relate or interpret this type of awakening??

It was 4 years ago when i cried out to the universe with all my sorrow, confusion, conviction and compassion for the human condition- primarily: WHY ARE WE BORN WITH UN-ACTIVATED DNA AND A BRAIN UTILIZING ONLY ABOUT 10% OF ITS POTENTIAL??

I was drowning in my tears when my body began to vibrate, which proceeded to speed up and my breathing became incredibly deep and fast like nothing i remember feeling before... This lasted for around 10 mins just leaning against my kitchen counter almost un-able to voluntarily move and so i just let it take it's natural course.. i also felt a huge sensation all around my head as well, as if my crown chakra was over-active.. This was not a seizure like one of my friends suggested... This was truly a sacred moment for me..

My open conclusion is that i re-established a connection with source or my higher self.. I think my whole body became re-adjusted in elevated vibration and my frequencies raised... From that moment on i felt different, which was all for the better and i truly felt more awake within myself than ever..

Anyone feel me on this or have other ideas about it?
I had very similar experience. It lasted 1,5 week. Also included increase in fysical power, speed and memory. I felt also obsession to change diet and give more thougts for animals.
Wednesday 30 March 2016, 11:27:30
wow Antero, 11 days!? that's incredible! thanx for your input
Wednesday 30 March 2016, 12:28:12
[deleted user]
I've screamed at God once, in anger and protest, demanding that my sorrow would be meaningful and not wasted. I felt great afterwards and found that I was the one who made it just as I wanted it. God must have laughed a belly laugh, deciding to play that game with me.
Thursday 12 May 2016, 15:56:27
[deleted user]
Did God have a choice, after that fierce outburst of life force energy?
Thursday 12 May 2016, 15:57:10
haha, not if you spoke to him personally, which seems to be the case ;)
Thursday 12 May 2016, 17:43:41
[deleted user]
Yes, that was certainly the case, thank you for getting that so clearly ;)
Thursday 12 May 2016, 19:57:12
you're quite welcome
Thursday 12 May 2016, 21:16:34
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