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Do you want to be a part of an emerging society changing project. Do you seek fulfilment beyond a paycheque - fullfillment to the point of deeply fulfilling the reason you came to this planet in this life time? We are attracting people who are in resonance with the blueprint we are working with to create a civilization that is in perfect harmony and balance with nature while also using advanced technology. All you need is an open heart, open mind and resonance with our project - You create your position, we'll facilitate it going from dream to vision to manfest reality…

Feet on the Ground Bristol is a regional child to a national parent, another child exists in Norwich - the parent sells online and the children locally - We sell mass produced products from international suppliers and locally made crafts and technology: Creating vitality - connecting people to themselves, each other, nature and all of creation.

The aim is the provide an ethical market place for our producers and to set ethical standards and assist the producers to create with positive intention, natural materials and from an ethical supply chain.

Starting from a residential address (Bristol) to establish and build capital - We'll move in to premises to include: Shop, Multi material workshop, office, warehouse, cafe and workshop/teaching/therapy spaces - Amongst others, home education groups will use the space and teaching between adults to children, children to children, children to adults and adults to adults will be expereinced. I'm looking for creative's, managers and 3 directors to create this community hub.. The aim is to transition to locally produced products using a mix of currency for sales to the public and gift economy between the associates.

May you be blessed * 8 * 8 * and create with the power and wisdom of the stars **** Infinitely 888
Eamon O
Hi Josh.. Very interesting project. I would be certainly interested and would like to find out more. I live in Derry, Northen Ireland.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 13:55:03
Hello Josh, I have just joined this site and therefore haven't uploaded a profile yet. I am very interest in your project as I live locally. I am a designer/teacher and I am about to start producing an off grid fireclay heater that runs on candles or kerosene. And a firebrick masonry storage heater as an alternative to cast iron wood burners. I have the finance from the Brave Enterprise agency but I don't have the ceramic facilities yet. It would be good to talk to you some time to see if there is anything we can tie up with. All the best and I will look forward to hearing from you.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 19:10:01
Josh C
Eamon O - Thanks for your interest - Feet on the Ground is establishing in Norwich and Bristol and a site in London is being discussed - Whether we open to other locations right away or wait until we've got firmly rooted is not decided. I'd love to chat more about it.
Monday 27 July 2015, 14:22:49
Josh C
Richard - what your doing sounds great
Monday 27 July 2015, 14:23:13
Josh C
Lets have a chat and share more about what we're about and what are visions are.
Monday 27 July 2015, 14:23:38
James L
Hi Josh - just signed up here. Please let me know of how I can get involved with your project in Bristol. I am in Brentry. Multiple skills.
Monday 3 August 2015, 19:15:51
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