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VACCINATION LIES Poisons for profit Lies for cash Truth rejected Karma’s whiplash Parents feel guilt So [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Poisons for profit
Lies for cash
Truth rejected
Karma’s whiplash

Parents feel guilt
So much shame
Poison their child
Our loss
Their gain

Mercury’s healthy
Poison is sweet
Nutrients deplete

Cause disease
We speak the truth
They do as they please

Truth is lies
Lies are truth
Open your heart
Don’t demand proof

200 years
Of lies and gain
Poison is evil
It is so plain

Vaccine truth
Vaccine lies
Vaccines don’t work
What a surprise!

Your comfort zone
Of self-denial
Harms your baby!
Your Soul’s on trial!

Ego and guilt
Ignorance and greed
They poison us
Their banks we feed

Earth’s not flat
Vaccines don’t work
The magic bullet
To kill and hurt

They like money
Killing is funny

Lay down and die!
Don’t ask why!

Be different
Be wise
Their lies

No fear
No guilt
Truth is

A normal child
Gets his jab
Becomes autistic
“My mom is mad!”

Robots rebel
Rejecting the hell
Just keep fit
Just keep well

We have a choice
We have the right
Protect your child
Stand up, and fight

Sell their wares
Enforced “medication”
Boosts their shares

My child is dead!
I was misled

Following rules
Is just
For fools

Shaken baby?
Murder trial!
Profits reign
Total denial!

Imprisoned and innocent?
What’s their crime?
Obeyed doctor’s orders
Every time

A parent is love
A parent is brave
To rich industry
We won’t be slave

Dumbing you down
Reject the vaccine
Change your fate

Protect the child
Open your mind
Awaken hearts
Don’t be blind

Conform with evil?
Reject the jab!
Tested in
An evil lab

Tested on humans
Ensures it “works”
Damage and profits
We’re the berks!

“There’s none so blind
As they who will not see”
Later you will
I guarantee! …

… A little too late
Created your fate
Swallowed their bait
Check mate!

Detox your child
Detox your guilt
Live in the now
Health CAN be rebuilt

Just say “NO!”
Don’t give in!
Study hard!
Reverse the sin!

Good health is the only immunity!

We are all
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