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A Poem for World Anti-Vaccination Day NOVEMBER 11th World Anti-Vaccination Day Unite together [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester
A Poem for World Anti-Vaccination Day


World Anti-Vaccination Day
Unite together today
Have your say
Meditate, protest,
And Pray

To liberate!
Is the date!

Make your voice count
Make your voice heard
Network it
Spread the word

Vegans and veggies
Do not vax
Meat and torture
Don’t relax

Vaccines are fake
They just don’t work
Pharma makes profit
Doctor gets perk

Vaccines are harmful
Its one big trick
You are being lied to
They do make you sick!

Wakefield was right
He cared for their plight
Autism rises
We all must fight!

Silence is sin
Let’s make a din!
Dispose of vaccines
In the bin

Many thousand
New diseases
Caused by vaccines
Never ceases!

Aspartame and mercury
Kill brain cells
Manufacturers will
Go to the hells

Human and animal
Excrement and blood
They convince
“It’ll do you good!”

Aborted fetus
Pig and dog
Doctors are saints
Scientists, your god

Pro-life action
Taking a stand
Obey your Spirit
And God’s command

Thou shalt not kill
Obey Divine will
The Karmic Law
Gives you the bill

Speak out and fight
You do have rights
Use your might
Shine your Light

We have a choice
Be one voice
Let’s end it now
And then rejoice!

Dumb you down
Just resist
Or meet your fate

Shaken baby?
Or pharma’s spin?
Believing lies
Is your sin

Her arm was pricked
You were tricked
Truth now hurts
Can’t be unpicked?

The guilt you feel
Poisoning your child
Detox it all
She was defiled

Don’t repeat
That fatal error
Refrain and you’ll
Feel much better

Detox the vax
Detox the guilt
Then her health
Can be rebuilt

Cot death? / SIDS?
Profit from death?
Selling off
Her very last breath!

Pharma’s lies benefit
Doctor and nurse
Politician’s profit
Fills the Hearse

Toxic drugs
In your jab
Fresh from thé
Vivisection lab

Tested on animals
Tested on us!
Profit and suffering
Gives them a buzz

My mom’s a coward
My dad’s a wimp
A child rebels
To save a chimp

Autism, M.E
Leukaemia, TB
They’ve made it free
There is no fee

Spreading disease
Profits you feed
Just take the lead
Don’t be a weed

Bowel disease
Genetic mutation
Vaccines, the scourge
Of every nation

Paralysis and cancer
Vaccines are
Not the answer

Hepatitis, MS
Meningitis, glue ear
Its toxic vaccines
You should fear

Good health is
The only protection
Study the data
Change your direction

Vaccines can kill
Within the hour
Take control!
Regain your power!



We are all
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